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Journey of Aerin (The Hero and the Crown)

No description

Kaela Gaylord

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Journey of Aerin (The Hero and the Crown)

Enter her world
Aerin lived in the castle due to the fact that she was the First Sol (princess). The castle was in "... the large vivid City high in the Damarian Hills..."(Mckinley 1).
Aerin is a very lonely child, shunned by the people of the kingdom because her mother was a "witch."
Aerin starts to take on the task of training her father's old horse, Talat, who has problems with his back leg from an old wound in battle.
Aerin journeys to a town to defeat a dragon, against her fathers (the king) will.
Lets look at the VOCAB now!
pg 219
(of an action or situation) Causing shame or a loss of honor.
Not famous or renowned.
The inglorious man burped in front of the president, causing his boss to fire him later that day.
Aerin's Quest
The City: Aerin's Home
The Separation
A man announces the coming of Maur, a large and fiersome dragon.
Refusal of the Call
Call to Adventure
Aerin feels she should stay in the castle as her father wishes because he wants to battle the dragon himself.
Aerin leaves to fight the dragon Maur.

"Aerin said softly: 'I will come with you when you ride home; but you know that already, don't you?' "(McKinley 131).
"His hazel eyes blinked gently at her; her own eyes, but larger..." pg. 219
pg 155

Turn over something, esp. the pages of a book, quickly and casually.
Search quickly through (something), esp. so as to cause disorder.
"A breeze wandered among them and riffled Aerin's ruined hair, and the sunlight shone pitilessly on her scarred face; but the audience was still silent, and motionless but for the right hands and the flicking fingers" (McKinley 155).
"They came soon to the edge of a wide silver lake. . .it was hard to determine where the land ended and the water began; the stones of the shore were a barely flatter, duller grey than the waters gleaming surface" (McKinley 176).

"The trees were gone; even, it seemed, the gentle hills were flattened, and where there had been the greens and browns and deep blue shadows of leaves and trees there was the grisly heave and thrust of battle" (McKinley 252).
"... Aerin clung to the saddle, not believing the glimpse she had had of the scene below them" (Mckinley 252).
Aerin uses her creation of a fireproof creme to fight Maur.
Aerin defeats Maur, but becomes very sick and burned.

". . . her weight carried the knife deep into the dragon's eye, and on into its brain, and as her gauntleted fingers were clutched convulsively around the knife's hilt, her arm followed, and its passage shoulder deep. The dragon's fiery blood fountained out, and covered her, and she fainted" (McKinley 138).
Aerin returns to the City
Because she is ill, an immortal, Luthe, calls Aerin to his home so he may heal her and send her on a quest.

" ' You stupid woman-climb off your deathbed while you still can, and come to me' "(McKinley 165).
Call to adventure again
Refusal of the Call
Aerin feels too sick to leave her home, but finally agrees when her sickness threatens to kill her.
Luthe's Castle
Aerin recieves supernatural aid.
Aerin experiences one of the lowest points in her journey as she is fatally ill.
Aerin once again feels the need to leave the comfort of Luthe's castle to fight her evil Uncle Agsded.
Tens or hundreds of years pass as Aerin climbs the steps to the top of Agsded's tower and to Agsded himself.

"Up. She had been climbing forever; she would be climbing forever. She would be a new god: the God that Climbs" (McKinley 215).
Aerin finds the Hero's Crown, a crown with immense power and starts her journey home.

"She stooped to pick it up as the one-eyed queen dropped what she held: it was the Hero's Crown" (McKinley 235).
The Return
Aerin meets Luthe on the way home, and he leads her back to the city.
Aerin does not want to leave Luthe, and Luthe does not want her to leave him.

" 'I have put you on a horse-that same horse-and watched you ride away from me before. I thought I should never get over it that first time. I think I followed you for that; not for any noble desire to help you save Damar; only to pick up whatever pieces Agsded might have left of you. . . . I know I shall never get over it this time. If you do it, someday, a third time, it will probably kill me' " (McKinley 248).
Return Threshold
Aerin returns to the City with the Hero's Crown, and her people need it desperately because they are fighting and losing a war.
Aerin helps her people win the war by sharing her wisdom and ultimate prize, the Hero's Crown.

"After that the day belonged to the Damarians, for between the White Rider and the Scarlet there was no hope for the Northerners" (McKinley 260).
Aerin is a master of two worlds because she has a strong Gift, a powerful force, but has freedom to live and marry Tor, the heir to the throne.

". . . she began to think of the wide silver lake as a place she had visited only in dreams, and of the tall blond man she had once known as a creature of those dreams; for the not quite mortal part of her did sleep, that she might love her country and her husband" (McKinley 292).
The Hero's Quest is over.
"You idiot!" Tor yelled at her. "You bonehead, you mudbrain, you oozog, you stizik! How could you do such a thing?" pg.30

This quote shows how Tor cares for Aerin by protecting her from Galanna.
Agsded's Tower
The Ultimate Boon
pg 171
Aerin faces Agsded in an ultimate battle and defeats him.
On her journey to Agsded, Aerin meets large cats called folstza and dog-like creatures called yerigs. They become her constant companions, along wth her faithful horse, Talat.

(of tidewater) Move away from the land; recede.
(of an emotion or quality) Gradually decrease: "my enthusiasm was ebbing away".
The tide ebbed away from the shore, leaving the pale shells exposed to the moonlight.
Impossible to understand or interpret; impenetrable; mysterious.
pg 180
"He watched her insrutably as she staggered to her feet and stood beside him" (McKinley 180).
3 Stars
We enjoyed this book, but the writing style was difficult to read. The action scenes were rushed while the descriptions were very lengthy. Nonetheless, the action scenes were exicting and the characters were well developed.
"Galanna was not at all pleased by Aerin's birth; not only was Aerin a first sol, which Galanna would never be unless she managed to marry Tor, but her mother died bearing her, which made Aerin altogether too interesting a figure within the same household that Galanna wished to continue to revolve around herself" (McKinley 28).

This quote shows Galanna's hatred for Aerin and how she wants all the attention to herself.
1. How would this story be different if Aerin was male?
2. What impact did Luthe and Tor's love for Aerin have on the story?
3. Why do you think Agsded felt the way he did, and why did he turn evil?
4. What important symbols did the author put in the book, and what was their impact on the story?
5. Would the story change if Aerin's mother had not been accused of a witch, and how?
A poisonous plant that supposedly kills people that don't have royal blood if they eat it. It also gives strength to royalty if they eat it.
"The surka stood by the main gate, wrapped around one of the tall white pillars" (McKinley 32).
pg 32
This is important because she spends lots of time out in the pasture, secluded from the other people in the palace.
Aerin defeats her first dragon in a small village. The first of many.
As Luthe says, " 'I tell you . . . some you need to know, some you have earned the right to know, and some it won't hurt you to know- . . . Some things I tell you only because I wish to tell them to you' " (McKinley 190).
Luthe gives Aerin Gonturan, a new and possibly magical sword.
"She could not sleep, and she coughed, and blood spotted her pillow; and the fever that came and went, and would not leave her alone" (McKinley 163).
Aerin reaches the top of the tower, where she swordfights Agsded and defeats him.
Fantasy Elements
1. Dragons, including Aerin's fight with the dragon, Maur.
2. Luthe's lake, the Lake of Dreams, contained the Water of Sight, a magical water.
3. Gonturan, Aerin's sword, has magical properties.
4. Luthe brings Aerin back in time after she climbs and falls down from the tower because it took her hundreds of years.
5. Aerin and several other characters have The Gift, or kelar, in their blood. Kelar is a magical substance that gives the character some magical powers.
"She brooded, looking out over the wide low sill of stone windowframe" (McKinley 1).
Aerin was a lonley child (due to her mother being a "witch") so she spent her time in the pastures.
"...suddenly was a black mountian, or crag, or tower, or all three; for it was the size of a black mountain, but of the looming impossible shape of a crag..."(McKinley 209).
" 'I love you,' said Luthe. 'I will love you till the stars crumble, which is a less idle threat than is usual to lovers on parting. Go quickly, for truly I cannot bear this' "(McKinley 248).

This quote shows how Luthe is loving and caring, but also has a care-free and humorous side.
" 'Go on,' murmured Arlbeth. 'There's no good you can do me.' But Aerin stayed by him, weeping, and held his hands in her own; and from her touch a little warmth strayed into the king's cold hands, and the warmth penetrated to his brain. . . 'Don't waste it on me; I'm too old and too tired. Save Damar for yourself and for Tor. Save Damar.' " (McKinley 264).

This shows that Arlbeth trusts his daughter to do the right thing. It also shows that he would rather Aerin save his kingdom than save him. He also trusts Tor to be a good and fair king.
" 'Not well met. You killed my mother and you would kill my people and my country' "(McKinley 219).

This quotes shows how brave Aerin is, and how she will do whatever she can to protect the people and things she loves. Aerin is stubborn, talented, and thoughtful.
" 'I would have asked you even if you hadn't brought the Crown back-believe me. If you'd never killed a dragon, if you broke all the dishes in the castle. If you were the daughter of a farmer. I've loved you-I've loved you, to know it, since your eighteenth birthday, but I think I've loved you all my life. I will marry no one if you'll not have me' " (McKinley 279).

This quote shows how Tor is kind and protective of Aerin, and loves her for her personality, not for her actions.
6. The characters use made up words such as "oozog" and "stizk" (30).
Crossing the Threshold
Aerin leaves the comfort of the City for the last time before her quest and begins her adventure.
Belly of the Whale
Aerin begins the Road of Trials
Magic Flight
pg. 117
A rebuke, esp. an official one.
Rebuke (someone), esp. officially.
He will reprimand me because I went to the park without telling him.
Thanks for watching!
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