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Marshall Plan

No description

Cindy Duong

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Marshall Plan

Timeline 2011 June 1947 September 1947 April 1948 2008 Foreign Involvement 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Evaluation (cont.) A cause by the Marshall Plan...
Cold War (1947-1991) Examine: Current Events Marshall Foundation Award
Hillary Clinton
Stability & democracy Examine: Current Events Arab Spring - (i.e. Libya, Tunisia, Syria)
Political corruption
Economic struggles
European mass immigration

Marshall Plan funding
Italy's "Plan for the Mediterraneans"

Potential outcomes
Political Equality Description (Basics) George C. Marshall
Secretary of State
Harvard University
June 5, 1947 References (1948). Marshall presents European Recovery Plan to United Nations . (1948). [Print Photo]. Retrieved from
(1948). President truman signs the European Recovery Act. (1948). [Print Photo]. Retrieved from
Cold War 03/24 full length documentary marshall plan 1947 1952 [Web]. (1952). Retrieved from
For european recovery: The fiftieth anniversary of the Marshall Plan. (2010, July 27). Retrieved from http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/marshall/mars1.html
Frattin, F. (2011, May 26). The arab world needs a Marshall Plan. Retrieved from
G. C. Marshall Foundation. (2009). The Marshall Plan The George C. Marshall Foundation.
Retrieved from website
Kuehn en Zoon. (Producer). (1950). Poster advertising the european recovery program (marshall plan). [Print Graphic]. Retrieved from
(n.d.). U.S. Marshall Plan aid logo. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
Marshall, G. (n.d.). Marshall Plan Retrieved from http://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=true&doc=82
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton connects Marshall Plan and Arab Spring . (n.d.).
Retrieved from
The Marshall Plan: restitution and recovery. George c. marshall foundation. (n.d.). Retrieved from
http://www.marshallfoundation.org/about/timeline/recovery.html Description (Basics) Threats
Soviet expansionism
Soviet control on Eastern Europe
Communism Marshall Plan (1948) Evaluation: In Relation to WWII Purpose
Create the...
European Recovery Program (ERP) $13.3 billion Effects
U.S. benefits
Cold War (1947-1991)
Improve agricultural efficiency Causes for a plan
Food shortages
Transportation limitations

Short/Long-term Effects of plan
shipments of food, staples, fuel and machinery (U.S.)
Prevent colonization by Soviet Union
Investment in industrial capacity in Europe
George Marshall's speech 16 countries asked for 20 billion dollars in aid Congress approves $5 billion for Marshall Aid Plan of Mediterranean proposed Hillary Clinton accepts Marshall Foundation Award Meeting in Paris - determine involving countries
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