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Hastening the Work of Salvation

Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together to hasten the work of salvation.

Dallin George

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Hastening the Work of Salvation

The Work of Salvation
It has been said that the Hastening of the Work will not begin in Europe until it begins in the
United Kingdom
...and it will not begin in the United Kingdom until it begins in the two London Missions.
That just leaves us one question...
How is this prophesied "Hastening of the Work" going to begin?
“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to
do something
you've never done.” ― Thomas Jefferson
"So many of us look upon missionary work as simply tracting. Everyone who is familiar with this work knows that there is a better way. That way is through the
members of the Church
President Gordon B. Hinckley
Ensign, May 1999, 105,6
Now is the time
for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labour in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him."
President Thomas S. Monson
"Faith in the Work of Salvation" - Work of Salvation Broadcast
So what do we need to do?
We would like to present some ways, among many, of how Members and Missionaries can work together
as One
We believe they will achieve the following...
1. Missionaries will Become More Effective Faster
Missionary's Time in Area
Missionary's Time in Area
3. Ultimately, Baptisms and Reactivation's will increase dramatically over time.
2. Increase the Effectiveness of the Ward Missionary Process
We have created a 10 step process to achieve these goals. It all starts with the Full-Time (FT) Missionaries.
Luckily, the Lord has already prepared the way...
The Area Book
Step 1:
1. Update all teaching records within the Area Book
2. Create teaching records for all:
Recent Converts
Active Members
3. While looking through the Former Investigators, pray about which ones to contact, visit and teach.

If Missionaries and Wards continually update their Area Books, they will prepare the way for those to come. (See D&C 136)
Ward Leaders work with the FT Missionaries to identify the status of all Members (Active or Less-Active) on the Ward List.
Step 2
We will be using a mock version of a Branch List
Step 3
Also, be sure to include as much useful information as you can about the Members. Such as:
Names of Family Members
When they were Baptised
If Less-Active, how long they have been Less-Active
Categorize each individual on the Ward/Branch List with the Appropriate Auxiliary
HP = High Priest Group
EQ = Elder's Quorum
RS = Relief Society
YM = Young Men's
YW = Young Women's
PR = Primary
Step 4
Create a separate list of all the Active Members in the Ward/Branch.
A1 = Active 1
Create a list of all the Less Active Members in the Ward/Branch.
LA1 = Less-Active 1
Step 5
Now let's quickly catch up on where we are so far...
We should have these 3 separate lists.
1. Ward/Branch List
(with identified Actives and Less-Actives)
2. List of Active Members
3. List of Less-Active Members
Step 7
From the list of Active Members, create a list of all un-baptised family members in the home.
Their numbers will correspond with one another.
A1P = Active 1 Potential Baptism
Step 8
From the list of Less-Active Members, create a list of all un-baptised family members in the home.
Step 6
Label all the Less-Actives to show their progress in returning to activity.
Use the following labels:
Okay, Now let's move on....
LA8P = Less-Active 8 Potential Baptism
Apply the same labeling as their Less-Active relatives to these names as well.
Comprise all the names into lists for the Auxiliaries.
Step 9
Young Men's
Young Women's
A list for:
High Priest Group
Elder's Quorum
Relief Society
Well it's great that we have a bunch of lists, but what can these do to increase Unity, Reactivation's and Baptisms?
Step 10
Re-evaluate these lists every 6 months to a year.
And last but not least,
Lists of Auxiliaries
Lists of Active and Less-Active with Part-Member Families
Ward/Branch List
Well, let's take a look...
Imagine having Sacrament Meeting attendance doubling, or even tripling. Is that possible?
If Members and FT Missionaries work together, Yes.
In fact, it has already happened.
The Washford Group (Taunton Ward, Bristol England Stake) was established.
That is where the Lord inspired the FT Missionaries with this idea.
When the Group started, it had roughly around 9 people at Church every week. (Not including the FT Missionaries)
It was introduced to the Group Leader and the rest of the Members shortly after the Group's creation.
They all accepted it and put it into action. Every single Member in that Group helped in one way or another.
By the end of 6 weeks after the beginning of the Group, the congregation had gone from 9 to 26.
Since the establishment of the Washford Group, there have been 6 Baptisms, with many more on the way.
All of which, were due to the fact that the Members and the FT Missionaries had the same Purpose. They acted as One.
March 2013
What if the same results were applied to a Ward with 100 people attending Sacrament Meeting every week?
Ward "Before"
Ward "After"
There are many benefits of having all this information.
Some of these benefits include...
The Members and the FT Missionaries will work toward the same vision and goals.
It is easy to determine where to place your focus as a Ward.
Auxiliary Leaders will be able to choose their 5 names for the Ward Missionary Process a lot easier.
The FT Missionaries that will come in the future will immediately know exactly who to focus on.
It is easy to see the impact that the Reactivation's and Baptisms will have on the Ward.
Everyone in the Ward/Branch can get involved easily.
Notice how there are 7 Potential Baptisms through that one name on the Less-Active List who is close to coming back.
Also notice that there are 4 Potential Baptisms through Less-Active members who are "Willing to be Taught".
6 Weeks
"I will hasten my work in its time." (D&C 88:73)
The Lord has said...
The Time is Now.
C.B. = Convert Baptisms
C.B. = Convert Baptisms
The main reason FT Missionaries take a long time to become effective is because of unfamiliarity with the Ward, it's Members and the Area.
"Wishing will not make it so....[The Lord] expects our action."
President Thomas S. Monson
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