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Theory of Cyber Communication

No description

Zach Perkins

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Theory of Cyber Communication

Theory of Cyber Communication
zach perkins

Digital Communications
The internet is the biggest change in the communication world in over 40 years.
Concepts in Digital Communication
Cyberspace is an inclusive term for the World Wide Web, the internet, electronic mailing lists, discussion groups and forums.
Virtual Reality is the use of a computer to simulate an experience in a way that is indistinguishable from reality.
Virtual Communities exist in the world of electronic communication, rather than a physical world. (Recent examples are chat rooms, e-mails and electronic discussion groups)
The Good
We are able to communicate quickly and efficiently through cyber or digital communication through cell phones, facebook, or e-mails.
Years to reach 30 million users
Internet - 5 years

Network TV - - -6 years

Cable TV - - - - - -7 years

Radio - - - - - - - - -22 years
Digital Communication is not just the internet, but also includes computer software, CD-ROMs, etc...
Previously the biggest change was the television.
We are able to get instant feedback from someone across the world in a matter of seconds.
Like anything cyber communications has positives and negatives.
The Bad
Cyber communications has many positives, but also leads to issues such as cyber-racism.
A key topic in America recently has been cyber-bullying.
We are able to receive news and information immediately
I Will Use...
Race and Racism in internet studies: A Review and Critique. (EBSCO HOST)
Communications Theories Textbook. (Chapter 17)
A Four Part Model on Cyber Interactivity. (New Media & Society Academic Journal)
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