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Nutrifeed - The value of Milk


H. Scholte

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Nutrifeed - The value of Milk

Let's complete the puzzle The story of Milk Seminar Bangkok, March 2013 Introduction The story of milk - the movie Present world wide Facts and figures A young company in name - a long history Remarkable Changes Innovation Centre in Wageningen with 450 specialists Acquisition Alaska Philippines
- turnover 200 mln
- 1000 employees
- No 1 ranked brands Newest filter bed spray dryer 8 spray dryers, 1 blending factory
2012- € 15 mln investment in newest filter belt spray dryer Nutrifeed dual strategy Feeding milk to your animals around the world

Valorisation of over 200.000 mt of dairy co-products within FrieslandCampina B2B office in China Acquisitions FrieslandCampina Cheese
- IDB Belgium, € 130 mln, special cheeses
- Zijerveld, Netherlands, € 400 mln
- Bongrain, France, JV commercial activities We are growing with you FrieslandCampina CSR strategy Nutrifeed CSR implementation Changes towards 2050 We are growing with you Leading brands in spark colours Higher dairy prices Higher dairy prices Higher dairy prices Brief outlook dairy general Dairy prices above historical averages
Global milk production to grow at 2% p.a.
Dairy among the fastest growing sectors
DEMAND remains the key market driver
Strong trade growth
Small fluctuation already have an impact
Brief outlook whey 10 liter cow milk = 1 kg cheese + 0.5 kg SWP
Worldwide cheese production only grows with 1.5% annually
Demand for whey grows faster thanks to:
- More consumer demand for nutritional (baby) food products
- The excellent nutritional and functional properties of whey
Whey trade grows with 150% in last decade
The value of whey increases Whey changes to feed last years:
SMP hardly used anymore
Lactose short available
WPC price equal to above SMP price
Average whey price:
- 2008 € 443/mt
- 2009 € 469/mt
- 2010 € 683/mt
- 2011 € 857/mt
- 2012 € 918/mt Values for you!
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