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Makenzie McCabe

No description

Susan Baker

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Makenzie McCabe

Makenzie McCabe
Living in the nuer tribe
The Nuer tribe is in the country South Sudan. It is on the province Upper East Nile.
Cultural Factors
Meat is eaten, only at important celebrations where an animal is sacrificed
The Nuer living pattern changes every year depending on the rivers flood
There are two lines on the forehead, and dots all over the rest of the face
The women in the Nuer tribe wear long wrap around clothing called a toob
The men wear long loose fitting white or pale colored robes
Fish are a huge food source for the Nuer because there are a lot of local water sources
They only build temporary homes, because certain house types are needed during different weather conditions
The black stripe on the flag represents the people of Sudan
The red stripe represents the blood shed in the struggle for freedom
The green stripe represents the verdant land
The blue triangle represents the water of the Nile
The gold star represents the unity of the states making up Sudan
websites used
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“Scarification, The Sign of Adulthood.” Sudan Through My Eyes, 22 Sept. 2012, sudanthroughmyeyes.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/scarification-the-sign-of-adulthood/.
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