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We All Fall Down By Eric Walters

No description

Cheryl Kessel

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of We All Fall Down By Eric Walters

title and author
We All Fall Down by Eric Walters
We All Fall Down By Eric Walters
The setting takes place in
New York City, The World Trade Center, James house and Wills house.
The characters are William Fuller (will), John Fuller, Will's mother, People in The World Trade Center, James, James dad, James mother, and others.
William fuller
kind, and caring about family
supporting to James
John Fuller
takes his work very serious
very caring about his family
Wills best friends
very nice person who cares about his family and friends
Have you ever wondered about the 9/11? The book We All Fall Down by Eric Walters is a realistic fiction book. The author wrote the book to educate people about how the 9/11 has changed peoples lives. The book is about a boy named Will and his father John who were in The World Trade Center during the 9/11. They were because Will had a take you're child to work day and he went with his dad, since his mother doesn't work. Will, John and many other people where in The World Trade Center while the building was on fire and crashed into. Everyone had to try and stay alive until they could make it out. Will and John used tricks to stay alive including putting wet clothes on their faces, so their lungs could get filled with smoke. Also, they stayed low so smokes did not fill their lungs. Will and John manged to stay alive like very few others, but James dad died since he was a firefighter. The deeper message is you should be great full for what you have, just like how Will and his father were alive, unlike James father. Therefore, the story is very interesting.
What would happen if Will died during the 9/11 terrorist attack? (A) I think his parents would be devastated, because it was suppose to be a normal day at work for John, just Will was suppose to join him. I know this because it was suppose to be a happy and fun day away from school. In the book it says "James mother was cooking and baking and waiting for her husband to come home". she was cooking and baking, because she did not believe her husband died. That means that if that was Will's mother waiting for Will, she would do the same thing, since it was suppose to be a normal day. This is because she cares about her family and believe will could ever die. I think this way, because Will is loved by his family and friends. This could affect everyone, because it was suppose to be a normal day at work, but it would turn out to be a very terrible day at work. In conclusion, if Will died, if would affect whole book.
The most important message is you should be great full for what you have, just like how wills mother was great full for will and john returning home alive.
i Recommend this book to people who read Young adult books, because it uses not good words.
BY: kaylia Jackson
author: Eric Walters
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