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The Frozen Spoon - If Carlsberg did Ice Cream Parlour's...

No description

Mario Lopez

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of The Frozen Spoon - If Carlsberg did Ice Cream Parlour's...

Ice Cream Experts at work
The Frozen Spoon
for pwd
information deck
assembly point
museum lobby
t i c k e t s r o o m
check room
3D ice cream zone
Brand Overview
Current Industry
Store layout
d.i.y ice cream
parking zone
history of ice cream 4d
Understanding our customer
Final Proposition
location plan
Largest shopping centre in Yorkshire - 8th largest in u.k.

Celebrated 25th Birthday last year and now has over 180 stores over 1.5 million sq ft.

£70,000 - £75,000 annually unit rent near the oasis.

25,000,000 shoppers every year and has the highest retail conversion rate of any regional mall in the UK

The Oasis Dining Quarter was refurbished in 2011 at a cost of £7 million. The result is that catering spending has increased by 35%.
Give more choice for customisation allowing unusual combinations
where as at the the same time offering niche ice cream such as lactose free.
Gives a service rather than just a product -
We Expect our customers to be impulse buyers

It is essential we meet the needs and wants of our customers

Offer an enjoyable Experience for our customers through offering extensive training to our staff.

Low complexity of decision making for
our customers - All availability is in front of
Our target segments
Retail Marketing Strategy

BEAN, Sean and SIMON, (2015). How Meadowhall’s preparing for the next 25 years Charles Maudsley, head of retail and leisure for British land.. Last accessed 25 February 2016 at: http://www.britishland.com/~/media/Files/B/British-Land-V2/documents/2014/pdf/2015-03-20-pw-meadow-final-a.pdf.

MeadowHall (2015). About Us.. Last accessed 25 February 2016 at: http://www.MeadowHall.co.uk/aboutus.

Mintel (2015). Ice Cream Market Segment Divide.. Last accessed 25 February 2016 at: http://academic.mintel.com.lcproxy.shu.ac.uk/display/742027/

Goworek, H., & McGoldrick, P. (2015). Retail Marketing Management Principles and Practice. Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, UK: Pearson Education Limited. Retrieved February 25, 2016

Preez, D. (2008). Dimentions of Store Image. In S. Ennis, Retail Marketing (p. 34). Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education.

McNair. (1958). Wheel of Retailing Theory.

Kotler, P. (n.d.). Management.

Parasuraman. (2005). SERVQUAL. In S. Ennis, Retail Marketing.

Porter, M. (2006). Three Competitive Strategies. In F. Brassington, & S. Pettitt, Principles of Marketing (p. 974).

Current Ice cream industry
UK - Ice cream: Retail Market segmentation by volume (m ltrs) - 2014
UK - Ice cream: Retail Market segmentation by value (m Gbp) - 2014
UK - Fast Food & Takeaways:
Retail Market segmentation volume ((000) number of outlets) - 2014
UK - Fast Food & Takeaways:
Retail Market segmentation value (bn GBP) - 2014
Mission Statement: 'we seek to provide the greatest quality ice cream with the highest level of customer service.'
Step 1

Offer customer service better than anyone else in the Oasis food court

Offer an exclusive range of merchandise

Clean, cool and comfortable store with a freeform layout

main target Market = Teenagers

Secondary Cash cow market = Families

Step 2

Focus on breaking even in the first 2 years

Expand the product range to involve other popular american dishes, e.g. waffles, pancakes & milkshakes

Establish the company as a regular within the oasis food court

Offer new experiences and holiday events, e.g. valentines day bookings

Start introducing new target markets, e.g. Pensioners looking for a blast from the past

Start developing ideas on the next store location, e.g. Leeds Trinity shopping centre
Step 3
Step 4

Bring in american designers to develop the new look ice cream parlor

Begin to open more branches across the UK

Gain more control over the supply chain by producing our own ice cream

Start creating a brand, similar to ben & jerry's, but as a retailer.
Thank you
(Mintel, 2015)
Summed Up In 4 Steps
A deeper understanding of the competition, will allow us to predict competitor reactions to new marketing strategies that we may undertake, and exploit any weaknesses Competitor analysis is crucial to a successful implementation of marketing strategy.
(Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2013).
Typical Visit
Customer passes and is intrigued by the shop frontage
Assesses the Ice Cream menu on the shop window
Enters the shop
Drawn in by the large digital menu (Key Display)- Makes their way to the counter (Natural Pathway)
Met by a friendly Frozen Spoon staff member
Guides the customer across the counter (Subway Like System)
Pays for Ice cream
Notices, and, gets drawn in by the 1950's american style booths (Hot Spots) and Jukebox (Driver Impulses) - Extends visit to store
Create a "Frozen Spoon Experience".

Perrey, J and Spillecke, D. Retail Marketing and Branding. 2nd ed. 2013. p9.

Sector History & Future
Open seasonally - March/September (6 months)
Freeform Layout
Facts & Figures
Store Image
Direct Competition
inDirect Competition
mission statement means we must be able to meet everyone's niche tastes!

Providing a high end experience, reliant on word of mouth

restaurant atmosphere, order your food and then are waited on
(Preez, 2008)
Gourmet ice cream restaurant
In order to intrigue, needs to be clear and welcoming
A clear shopfront allows our theme and specific atmosphere to shine through out of the shop walls
Primary Pen Picture
decor is american diner themed
used when launching new products
Jukebox so customer can meet there own needs
Joe Davies
Secondary Primary Target audience
Wide selection of ice creams keeping american theme consistent
Accommodate for all the family despite any requirements
Steven - THe family man
Market Comparison
Kotler, Management
Shop Front
GAPACT Framework Technique
Adapted from Patterson and Baron (2010)
SERVQUALSECE - (Service Enabled Customer Experience)
(Parasuraman, 2005)
Three Generic Strategies
(Porter, 2006)
Trendy teenager
Touch Points
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