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Elementary School Teacher

No description

Kristi Longfield

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Elementary School Teacher

Job Facts Qualities(College in Colorado) Education/ Degrees 40 Hours a week Normally 20-30 Students Teach One Classroom All Subjects Help with social and emotional development of children

Average Annual Wage $47,460 Entry Annual Wage $32,880
Experienced Annual Wage $66,780 Average Hourly Wage $22.82 Entry Hourly Wage $15.81 Experienced Hourly Wage $32.11 * Counseling and advising people
* Evaluating student work
* Preparing and maintaining work logs and reports
* Preparing educational materials
* Reviewing and evaluating educational materials
* Teaching education and training programs
* Working as a member of an education team
In all 50 States, A teaching liscense is required Bachelor's Degree in the subject planned to Teach Kristi's Career- Elementary School Teaching Job Facts
Counsels Pupils Monitors Halls
Assigns and Grades Classwork Reports on Students
20-30 Children Sponsors
Helpful Hints for Job- Hunting Work with young children Achieve all degrees necessary Student Teach Acquire a Specialty Join an association Know what to expect i hateyou Personality Traits- Skills Required Social Artistic Investigative A general learning ability PATIENCE Able to understand others Love for children fuck this HAHAHAHA no
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