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No description

John Smith

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Hypnosis

Most commonly, when someone mentions hypnosis,
This is what they picture.
But in reality,
hypnosis is much more.
Hypnosis is a very up-to-chance practice. It cannot be guaranteed to work, and the results are not always what the patient desired.
Still, when it does work, it can greatly change one's state of mind (hopefully for the better).
It's been argued that using "trigger responses" (trigger responses being the visual or auditory stimuli that causes the calming effect) on someone with ASMR is a form of hypnotism because the calm it induces is like that of a hypnotic trance. So far, it's still not determined.
What Exactly is Hypnosis?
There are a lot of things in this world we understand. but if we were asked to explain them, it might not be that easy. Hypnosis is like that. Most people have a vague idea of what hypnosis is, but not many fully understand it.
Hypnosis is a broad term that encompasses any method use to influence brain activity through vocal, visual, or physical stimuli. It is usually used to calm people down, induce a relaxing feeling, modify behavior, or reduce stress.
Sometimes, though...
Sorry, got off topic.
Back to the original point, hypnosis is a great tool for reducing stress. It is such an effective form of stress reduction, specialized clinics exist just for hypnosis therapy to relieve stress through hypnotic relaxation.
Before I forget...
I mentioned that not all hypnosis is the same and how it was simply a method to alter brain activity. This is completely true, and you might not think of it as hypnosis, but the following image is also a form of it.
This is just a picture. It's not even moving.
If you STILL don't understand the concept of hypnosis, here's a short video to explain.
Hypnosis is, to repeat myself from earlier, a way to lull the brain into a relaxed state where it is easier to manipulate. The full mechanics of it are a bit hard to explain, but it's sort of like this:
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