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The Allegory of the Cave

No description

Rashanik Mumford

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Allegory of the Cave

The way of life in the book The Allegory of the Cave is very similar to the modern ways of life of Amish society in the world today. They are similar in ways such as:
Neither group is or was allowed to live the ways of life, that they were immune to.
Neither one group in modern day and during Plato's day did not no what to do when they were let out of what they knew best.
Both groups had very strict rules about the many ways and things that can be done. The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society! The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society! Even though the book The Allegory of the Cave is dated back to the dark times of the Greek. This book has a lot of things in common with the modern world of today. This book contains the ways of life in a cave , where the prisoners are being held captive and can not escape. This is just like the modern day Amish society. In the lives and culture of everyday Amish people they have ways and rules that they cannot break as well, just like in the book. Being held captive and only knowing a way of life that you are immune to is something that many people in the Amish living knows best. But when they do leave, they have no idea in what to do or that there were this many wonderful things going on in the world. The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society! VS. The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society! In the Amish society, there is a very strict and forceful hand, when it may come t o one of there own who want's to leave. When this happens by there nature their family may start to disown their loved ones and also may try to bring harm to them as well. It is also by nature that no one may be allowed to leave the Amish society, and also marry if it is not agreed upon the parents. Even though we live in a world of technology, in the Amish living they dress, breath, and even sleep in the 16th century society. They have no idea of what the world is like now or even who controls it. This is just like the book, The Allegory of the Cave. The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society The Allegory of the Cave vs. Amish Society As you can tell there are many differences and also many similarities that are within the modern day and also the Plato days in history. You might not have thought that there are still people living as if we are not the 21st century, but as you can see there are,many out there who still lives in the ways of life, as if we were the 16Th Century.
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