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Human rights

No description

Kevin Crowley

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Human rights

African American Discrimination
Kristen K
Kevin C
Allegra M
Mary K
Child Slavery
Hi there
-African American
-Parental neglect
-Child Slavery
- Poverty
Physical and
Psychological Effects?
Where they work
- Relatives
- India, Africa, Madagascar

- Factories, homes, restaurants,
mines, farms
Human Rights
People are against and are for torture.
Torture is illegal internationally but is used almost everywhere.
Types of People
Who are Tortured
How the children's brain respond to neglect
- Children not attended to take it as a sign of danger
-When this happens the stress levels activate.
-The brain is almost always bathed in stress hormones.
-Certain connections fail to form. In critical regions of the brain.
ANLO, SENAM. "Sold Into Slavery." Essence (Time Inc.) 41.4 (2010): 128. MAS
Ultra - School Edition. Web. 26 Feb. 2014.
Blagbrough, Jonathan. "Child Domestic Labor: A Modern Form Of Slavery."
Children & Society 22.3 (2008): 179-190. ERIC. Web. 28 Feb. 2014.

LEWIS, KRISTIN. "A Child Slave In California." Scholastic Scope 61.1 (2012): 10.
MainFile. Web. 25 Feb. 2014.

People are innocent and tortured.
People are tortured for what they believe in, their religion, etc.
Also, for government reasons.
Even children are harassed or tortured.
How are African Americans getting treated unequally in school?
My research questions is: How does torture affect society?
Physical Effects

Psychological Effects
- Shyima is a modern slave
- Shyima got moved to America
- The police found Shymia in 2002
The lack of human rights affects how people are treated.

Loose interest - elementary
Class placing

Children are being neglected all around the world.
Child Neglect
- Shyima was sold at 8 years old
Child Neglect almost always not noticed.
Human rights
What is Child Neglect?
Neglect is the failure to meet a child’s basic needs. These needs include housing, food, clothing, education, and access to medical care.
1,740 children died in the U.S. in 2008 from abuse and neglect.
772,000 children were victims of Neglect and Abuse by child protective services in 2008.
Children under 4 years are at great risk for injury and death from abuse and Neglect.
-Great deal of stress

Abuse and Neglect in Families Can Occur
-History of violence, drug or alcohol abuse, poverty, and chronic health problems
Differences Between Abuse and Neglect and recognizing it
-Neglect leaves visible bruises and scars

-The signs of neglect tend to be less visible.
-Child Neglect is often unreported
- 13% of children age 5-9 are working in Madagascar
- Tradition
- Multiple signs must occur not just a single sign.
-Signs must occur often and repeat again
- About 80 million child slaves in the world
- There are five thousand slaves in America
- Shyima had to sleep in a garage
People are Innocently
Tortured Everyday
What is discrimination?
Child neglect is the most common type of child maltreatment.
Source: http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/
Single out
I am researching how slavery affects children's lives.
Resmovits, Joy. "Yes, Schools Do Discriminate Against Students Of Color -- Reports." The Huffington Post March, 2013: 1-3
Tripp, Michael. Developing a Teaching Style. Waveland Press: Lake Zurich, Illinois
DMACC. African Americans Today. Pearson Education, Inc: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Insensitive teachers
Dilapidated school facilities
What Happens
Acting White or Black
Don't want to be caught acting "white"
Shift responsibilities
Personal responsibilities
By BARBARA SURK - Associated, Press. "UN Report Details Impact Of War On Syrian
Children." AP Top News Package (2014):Newswires. Web. 28 Feb. 2014.

Gregory, Anthony. "Understanding The U.S. Torture State." Independent Review
17.2 (2012): 291-296. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.

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Academic Search Premier. Web. 25 Feb. 2014
Prip, KarenPersson, Ann L.Sj”lund, Bengt H. "Pain When Walking: Individual
Sensory Profiles In The Foot Soles Of Torture Victims -- A Controlled Study
Using Quantitative Sensory Testing."BMC International Health & Human
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SCHROTH, RAYMOND A. "Facing Up To Torture." America 209.14 (2013): 20.
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Survivors: Cultural Background, Refugee Status And Gender." Nordic Journal
Of Psychiatry 65.3 (2011): 175-182. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb.
Our group researched how the lack of human rights affect peoples lives.
Full transcript