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War of the Eagles

My theme based on Eric Walters' book War of the Eagles

Tyler Kijewski

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of War of the Eagles

Characters Jedediah Tadashi Naani Naomi Mr. Fukashima Smitty About the Story War of the Eagles is about a young boy named Jed who has to deal with his best friend, who is of Japanese descent being thrown out of his home during a war even though he is a naturalized Canadian. It is a story about anger, the beauty of diversity and the evils of racism. It also teaches us that everyone is equal in their own unique way. War Of The Eagles The main character in the book half Tshimsian and half Canadian A minor character, doesnt say much, Tadashis' father Jed's grandma, very wise, knows what to say The major at Prince Rupert, mean on the outside, nice on the inside Jed's mom, works at Prince Rupert as the cook Jed's best friend, he is Japanese, and is kicked out of Rupert He was the sergeant who ran the motor pool in Rupert, Jed's good friend I think that the theme of this story is how a young man experiences the evils of racism and the beauty of diversity. The Theme Theme Major Brown Some men at Prince rupert, the army base, Introduction The book is introduced with the main character Jed stalking and killing a rabbit to bring home to his grandmother. Rising Action re are many events that lead up to the climax, a couple soldiers at prince rupert capture an eagle and tie it to a little house making it seem like he is there mascot. Another event is some of the men are frustrated at the officers , (including Murdock), they take Eddy, (the eagle), and unleash his fury on the officers who are in the showers at the time. And Jed gets into a fight with Toshio and insults the Japanese making Tadashi angry. The Climax Falling Action Conclusion Plot Top ranked officers decide to kick the Japanese out of Prince Rupert. When Tadashi has to leave he and Jed free Eddy. When Tadashi and his family leave Jed comes across looters that are trying to steal from the Japaneses old houses, but Jed fends them off. Eddy The eagle that is captured and kept in Rupert Tadashi and his family are re-located and Jed continues his life wondering if Tad will ever come back, but they still write to each other. Jed wonders about Eddy and how his life is going. THE END :) Toshio Japanese, he doesnt like Jed or Tadashi, hot head
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