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Clinical Quarterly Reporting

No description

Medical Development Team

on 26 July 2015

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Transcript of Clinical Quarterly Reporting

Quarterly Clinical Quality Reporting

Integrate clinical quality into quarterly review systems through Operations
The Process
14th of the month following quarter close...
Interpreting Data
The Tool
Global Roll-Out
Week 1
Q1 only: Template to CPs by BEU
Q2-4: CPs use same template from Q1
Non-pilot: CPs commencing after Q1 must input data for previous Q's
Weeks 2-8
Template completed by CPs & sent to POs
RD seeks link MA feedback
Quarterly review occurs
Docs saved to Open Door
Weeks 8-10
MDT verifies that all CPs have uploaded reviews
MDT collates information
Reports circulated to MDT global
General Tips
Clickable information buttons provide details on interpretation

Yellow boxes: not necessarily a problem, but flag unexpected information
Internal Audit Data
1x per site per year
No standardised internal audit tools = no benchmarks
Interpreting Incident Data
Purpose = learning (non-punitive!)
Flag variation and ensure reporting is happening
Context of service delivery #s
Top-level numbers only
Robust Quarterly Review
Framework for discussing clinical quality
Holistic picture of performance
MDT/Ops Collaboration
MA insight into CP performance
Process for MDT partnership with Ops
Routine data source
Section 1
Sections 2 & 3
Quarter 1
Quarter 2 & 3
Process to be expanded
Step approach dependent on Q1 feedback
RDs to suggest who to include and at what stage

Quarter 4
Aim is to have all programmes included

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Weeks 10-11
MDT: feedback survey to MDT global
Feedback reviewed; action plan developed if required
Section 4
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