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Copy of Vanuatu Land Diving Rite of Passage

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cande casas

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Vanuatu Land Diving Rite of Passage

Vanuatu Land Diving
images of land diving
Each tower is 100 feet tall. The eldest tribal leader chooses which vines to use matching the weight of the jumpers. The ends of the vines are shredded some so that they can be securly fastened around the jumpers ankles.
History of Land Diving

The story tells of a young woman, who was unhappy in her marriage, and tried to escape from her husband, Tamale. He found her hiding in a tall tree. When she refused to come down, he went up to fetch her. As he approached her, she leapt from the tree. Tamale jumped after her, not knowing she’d tied a vine to her ankles. He died, she lived. The practice of land diving continues still, as a show of strength and a fertility rite.
The objective is to jump from as high as possible and land as close to the ground as possible, possibly even touching. It is also a harvets ritual. They believe that the higher they jump from the higher their crops will be.
Significance of Land Diving
The Vanuatu tribe believe that land diving will impress the women of the tribe.
They believe that the gods will bless them with higher crops, if they jump from the highest point.
It would also prove manhood when the little kids jumped.
Who land diving affects
It affects mainly the young men and the farmers.
Similarities between our cultures
People in america bungee jump and over there alot land dive, which is basically the same thing.
The same way guys in america use jumping from really high heights as a way to prove manliness, guys over in Vanuatu use jumping from really high on the tower as a way to prove manliness.
More images of land diving
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