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Amitai Etzioni Working at McDonalds

No description

Tommy Ha

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Amitai Etzioni Working at McDonalds

"Working At McDonalds"
Working in fast-food chains, such as McDonalds has a negative influence on teenagers
Amitai Etzioni "
Working at McDonalds"

Unhealthy Gaming Lifestyle
Sociologist who has taught in Columbia and Harvard University
Written multiple articles and dozens of books about human society
Amitai Etzioni
By: Tommy Ha
"Highly structured" which discourages "self-discipline, self-supervision, and self-scheduling" (par.6)
Decrease School Attendance and impair the value of the American Dollar
Not a guaranteed educational path, but a potential one
Emphasizes the idea of the Big Picture
Shows how teenage students suffer because of instant gratification
"But large amounts seem to flow to pay for an early introduction into the most trite aspects of American consumerism: flimsy punk clothes..." (par.18)
"Many teens find the instant reward of money, and the youth status symbals it buys, much more alluring than credits in calculus courses, European history or foreign languages." (par.20)
Where instant gratification ruins your school attendance and focus
Provides escape from school and responsibilities
Must learn to balance in order to prove helpful
What do you think about teen employment as an educational opportunity?
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