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A photo-call for digital media practice

No description

Paul Simpson

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of A photo-call for digital media practice

Media Photo-Calls

What makes 'news'?

What would interest snappers?

You can't really KNOW until you DO
Digital skills in the PR workplace
Making news through pictures

Media-calls for print and broadcast.

Right: Hampton Court promote their Christmas Ice Rink
Digital skills in the PR workplace
[2] Professional Identity: connected learner
#share Ideas for the audience to participate through photos

Right: 'The Big Squat' for World Toilet Day.

How do PRs develop idea that target audiences will take, and use for themselves.

Digital skills in the PR workplace
A photo-call for digital media practice in PR education
Paul Simpson
APT Conference, 'Connected Learning in an Open World'
University of Greenwich (July 2014)

Students check these in and out for use, both in class, and within the 'PR Fraternity' student society
10 x Nikon Coolpix L320
1 x DSLR
1 x Photoshop editing package
PROJECT: Greenwich Connect Seed Fund
[1] Real-time responses to creative briefs
The National Trust campaign encouraging children to play outside.

User generated content;
Engagement and motivation in workshops;
Interaction between cohorts.
[2] Professional Identity: Connected Learner
[2] Professional Identity:
Connected Learner
[3] Skills and Attributes for future workplace
Guest speakers
Andy Parfitt;
former Controller,
BBC Radio 1;
Saatchi & Saatchi.
[3] Skills and attributes of future workplace; Identity
PR Fraternity - student visit to
Weber Shandwick HQ
Pinterest: User Generated; Curated; Connected

Twitter: Skills for the workplace; Connected; Curating
Learning in a Connected World
Learning in a Connected World
* Practitioners identifying digital skills gap, and need for professional identity development;
(Byrne, 2013; Carmacho, et al., 2012; Paskin, 2013, Zerfass, et al, 2013)

* Photography and video used in 'media relations' (such as photo-calls) and 'social media' #participation;

* Pedagogy of experiential learning, and transformational approach.
(Hodges, 2013; Humphreys, 2002; Kolb, 1984)
Project Update:
A photo-call for digital media practice in PR education
Pedagogy - experiential; transformation, learning through play;
Identity - self/professional, and group;
Connected learners; connected institution;
Skills - employability;
Next stop - more focus on video rather than photography.
Byrne, C. (2013) "The Power of Communications - CEO, EMEA, Weber Shandwick: Big Picture/PR Fraternity presentation to the University of Greenwich Business School", London: University of Greenwich [Accessed at
Carmacho, M., Minelli, J. and Grosseck, G. (2012) "Self identity: Raising undergraduates' awareness on their digital footprints", Procedia - Social and Behaviorial Sciences, 46, pp. 3176-3181
Hodges, E.M. (2013) "Cultural imagination in public relations education", Public Relations Inquiry, 2(1), pp. 27-50
Humphrey, D. (2002) "Intercultural Communication: A teaching and learning framework: in; Setting the agenda: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in Higher Education Conference, 24-26 June, Manchester Conference Centre, UK. [Available at www.llas.ac.uk//resources/paper/1103 Accessed 12/03/14]
Mull, I.R. and Lee, S-E. (2014) "'PIN' pointing the motivational dimensions behind Pinterest", Computers in Human Behaviour, 33, pp 192-200
Paskin, D. (2013) "Attitudes and perceptions of public relations professionals towards graduating students' skills," Public Relations Review, 39 (3), pp. 251-253
Zerfass, A. et al. (2013) "European Communication Monitor 2013: A changing lanadscape - Managing crises, digital communication and the CEO position in Europe. Results of a survey in 43 countries", Brussels: EACD/Euprera, Helios Media [Accessed at http://www.zerfass.de.ecm/ECM2013-Results-ChartVersion.pdf 02/03/2014]
Photos capture moments; Tell stories;
Enhance creativity. Remember when?
1. Engagement: Responses to creative briefs;
2. Professional identities; Connected learners: Student images on Pinterest;
3. Skills and attributes for future workplace: Capturing guest speakers.
Motivating dimensions of Pinterest (Mull and Lee, 2014)
> www.pinterest.com/prfraternity

> www.twitter.com/prfraternity

> YouTube videos (right)
With thanks to:
Antony Coombs and Monika Pazio (2014), for presentation to LSE.

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