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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

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Ashley Krushinski

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Pathos, Ethos and Logos
An appeal to the audiences emotions
This commercial by AT&T demonstrates how a simple text could cause someone to veer off the road, killing themselves and possibly others. It causes viewers to think about the consequences of texting and driving and how it can wait. When the little girl is shown next to the picture of her deceased older brother, it makes people think about their actions and how texting and driving affects families and loved ones. Its sad that people have died from texting and driving, but maybe these stories will further prevent people from doing it and get the point across on how dangerous it really is.
Martin Luther King
"I have a dream.."
In Martin Luther King Jr's famous and effective "I have a dream" speech he uses pathos in many different ways to appeal to the audiences emotions. He talks about those who have been discriminated because of their skin color and sympathizes them. He continually gives off hope in his speech by saying "I have a dream", and hopes that one day there will be no segregation and discrimination in the world between anybody.
Drive Carefully
This advertisement shows a hand drawn game of hopscotch and how the end of the game lands in the middle of the street, the purpose of this picture is to make drivers aware of children while driving. The picture creates an emotional appeal because it shows how children can be hurt or even killed by unaware drivers, while playing in their neighborhood. This ad is very affective because when people think of a child being killed it brings many more emotions because of their young age and innocence and by seeing this picture it can make people consider their own driving habits.
President Obama's Speech
This speech made by President Obama about Syria and the U.S response is an example of Ethos because of the power and knowledge of Obama. As the president, Obama has the experience and authority to address the nation and when he does he uses the appropriate tone and language that allows viewers to trust Obamas actions and choices.
This advertisement is an example of ethos because of the critics credibility. On the front cover of this DVD, the American Film Institute quotes its "One of the top ten funniest movies ever made". When people see this on the cover, they know its a reliable source and it will persuade them to buy the movie and watch it !
Colgate Toothpaste
This commercial demonstrates how Colgate toothpaste kills bacteria in your mouth. They list 8 facts that are clinically proven to protect your teeth non-stop while using their toothpaste. This commercial uses logic and facts to promote their product, as well as showing cause and effect.
This shape-ups commercial is an example of ethos because of Kim Kardashians appearance and persuasion to buy the shoe. When celebrities endorse products the viewers believe that it is a good product because of the credibility of the source. That then makes the viewer go out and buy shape-ups because Kim Kardashian has them, and they want a pair too!
An appeal relying on the speakers credibility
This advertisement from Neutrogena is an example of logos and uses information from clinically studies. They promote the Healthy Skin Makeup by showing what the results will be when you use it, and how it will lead you to ultimately having better skin. Without the clinically proven facts, less people would buy the product.
Obama's State of The Union Address
The State of the Union address by President Obama includes many details, facts and plans about the United States of America. He uses logos to appeal to the minds of millions of Americans as well as explanations of future ideas. He also uses statistics about the economy and his plans on how he can get Americans more jobs in his speech.
An appeal relying on logic
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