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A Fifth Grader's Explanation of Cerebral Palsy

No description

Gwen Johnson

on 9 January 2011

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Transcript of A Fifth Grader's Explanation of Cerebral Palsy

CEREBRAL PALSY Hi, I'm Gwen. Maybe you've seen me walking around school with my walker and wondered, "Why is she like that?" Well, for starters, everybody's different. The difference is, you can see my difference. So,what is the difference? Blond hair? Blue eyes? My left-handedness? Well, those are all differences, but the real reason I'm unique is that I have cerebral palsy. Have a new question? One like,"What's cerebral palsy?" Dictionary definition: A motor function disorder resulting from permanent non-progressive brain damage before, during, or immediately after birth. Now, you're probably wondering, "What is she talking about?" I can swim, I can do yoga, I can even ski, just with a little help! I have braces in my shoes to keep my feet straight, so I don't have to have another surgery! Easy definition: It bassicaly means I have trouble moving my arm and legs. But that does'nt mean I can't do anything that YOU can do... Easy definition: It basically means I have trouble moving my right arm and legs. But that doesn't mean I can't do anything you can do... Ever seen the message on my walker? "True Star"? My definition of this phrase is "I belive in myself, and try my best, forgetting the differences of cerebral palsy. This is what defines the true star inside me."
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