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Copy of AIESEC Global Brand Visual Guidelines

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Oshada Attygalle

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AIESEC Global Brand Visual Guidelines

June 21, 2012
Global Brand Visual Guidelines
Meaning of the AIESEC Logo
The Logo
Introduced in 1991, the AIESEC logo remains a relevant and important component of the AIESEC brand identity. The logo Design shows
• Young people gaining definition as they come out of the blue Mass
• Young people forming themselves as individuals for the future.

The Global Descriptor
The Global Descriptor is preferred to accompany the AIESEC Logo. The descriptor supports the AIESEC logo in people understanding more about the organisation at first view itself.
What to do & what not to do!
These are the main changes which have happened in the update, please read below for more information

- Guidelines for Social media and Eddie

- AIESEC logo has more freedom in how you can use it with a fourth style

- AIESEC 'Blue Man' to be used for Online use (Social media and websites)

- AIESEC can now be written as aiesec online

- AIESEC logo is available in .png and .eps format
- Orange logo and colour is being phased out and will not be supported by AIESEC International

Available Logos
short logo
short logo without background
long logo without descriptor
long logo with descriptor
The short logo is the ONLY LOGO which can be used without background, all other Logos are to be used as is and not adjusted. Any other derivation or usage of the logo goes against the Visual Branding Guidelines.
Logo Placement & Size
To protect the strength and integrity of the logo, a clear space, free of any other
visual elements, should be maintained.
This includes additions of entity (country, territory, local) names,
changing background colors, or adding a shadow.
The only exception is with the global descriptor.
The placement for the logo is to bleed off the left or bottom side of the page and
cover 80 percent of the page. The logo should be placed prominently on any
materials and should not be placed as a background,
within text, or underneath text or images.
Color Combination
AIESEC in Written formats, and Colours
When using the AIESEC logo in social media you will also
be able to use the Blue man to showcase AIESEC. The blue
silhouette can be used instead of the image of the AIESEC logo.
The AIESEC Blue man is to be used with a white background only
AIESEC In Social Media

AIESEC in Numbers
Latest update is based on July, 2012 SOGA and MyAIESEC.net data
AIESEC in Written Formats
The word AIESEC should be written in capitals, wherever possible. When AIESEC is being written in reports, media publications, magazines and as such it is important that the spelling of AIESEC is checked and that AIESEC is maintained as full capital letters.
When using AIESEC online (when not in reports, publications and advertisements) AIESEC an be written in all lower case as ‘aiesec’.
Our impact:
Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.
AIESEC Descriptor:
The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.
Font Types
For Offline use the font to be used in printing in any AIESEC Publication, magazine and anything released by any AIESEC entity is to be the 'Arial' Type font.
For online use the font type 'Verdana' and/or 'Helvetica' is to be used.
The font type "TrashHand" Can be used for MyAIESEC.net Promotion.
Using fonts in Logo's
When creating a logo and not written text or information and the text appears in the logo in a picture format then there is freedom to use whichever font in the logo, providing the font is readable.
The color codes are different for mediums of use to avoid the printing of different shades of blue and orange around the world. Please be careful about the use of the color combinations.
The AIESEC Colors and Typography Booklet present all the guidelines on the proper use of the AIESEC logo and the Global Descriptor. Please share this guide with all partners who are expected to print the AIESEC logo on any material or website.
Note: When giving any work for professional printing, give the color in Pantone (PMS) or CMYK and not RGB
* Fan Page Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all types of fan pages on any platform which can be accessed by the public and people outside AIESEC. (This means that there are no restrictions and anyone can view).
Facebook will be used as an example for the guidelines below, Each Entity has the right to create a Facebook fan page and should feel free to do so. By doing this this they are showcasing AIESEC to the world via the social media channels.,
It is important that because of this there are certain guidelines, which must be adhered to in order to protect and strengthen our brand.
Understand that the Facebook fan page is an external page (if you wish to use it for internal communications for your LC, you are better off using Facebook groups which allows restrictions on who can view and see things).
All posts on your Facebook page, should be understandable and accessible (links) by non-AIESEC people, All content uploaded, posted, added should not go against or conflict against the AIESEC way or the AIESEC visual guidelines.
Avoid creating Facebook pages for every type of event but rather utilise the events tabe on your Facebook page to create an event on your main page., - You will be able to captalise on the added traffic to your page and be able to keep the fan base there instead of having different fan bases on different pages. You will also be able to drive traffic to the event directly from your main fan page as well.
* How to make your AIESEC Facebook FanPage have AIESEC as all capital letters instead of Aiesec

Create your fan page first and it will make your page with the name as Aiesec.......
Go into edit and settings and you can change the name from Aiesec to AIESEC and it will work. (you will need to make sure you do this when you are creating your page or have under 100 fans due to facebook pages policies)

Eddie is not an official logo of AIESEC, but of the MyAIESEC.net. He has been taken and used as an informal logo of the network and is not a formal logo of the network. Though he is portrayed as a logo and as such Eddie must also adhere to the AIESEC branding guidelines of AIESEC which can been seen in the AIESEC way. Eddie can still be used throughout the network but at the same time Eddie does not represent the organisation and in all promotional materials the AIESEC logo must still be used to represent AIESEC.

Eddie cannot and should not appear:

With a Shisha
With a Cigarette
Drinking or With Alcohol
With or Dressed as a Flag
In any Procative or Sexual Position
The AIESEC online presence is becoming more relevant for the operations of AIESEC and the connections with external audiences. If you are responsible for Communications or Branding in your entity, make sure you are securing a corrent brand management in those places. These are important recommendations on Branding management for the AIESEC websites globally.
On content:
Is the explanation of AIESEC clear enough and visible at the first glance in the website?

Make sure that you are explaining AIESEC in the easiest way possible for your external audiences. Do not forget important details as: who we are, why are we here and what are we offering. Be respectful and use the AIESEC name in line with The AIESEC Way and the AIESEC values.
If you are using the name of AIESEC in your communication,
be a brand ambassador!
If you are speaking to an internal audience, through a channel that is external, please keep your communication clear by not writing in acronyms or using language that is exclusive or that can only be understood by people within AIESEC.
You can use: (see AIESEC Global website example)
Present in over 113 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organisation. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.
On Language:
It is included in our international compendium that British English is the sole official language of the foundation. It means all of our internal communications as a global network should be in British English language, it includes: documents, meetings, conferences, etc. (This is to ensure that we can have maintain our global learning and collaboraborative environment). Within your AIESEC country/territory, and/or AIESEC enitity it may be more beneficial for your members to use the native or more common language being spoken in that country/territory. Which is fine as well, but also at the same to have a british english version where possible.
Since our website is an EXTERNAL communication tool, our main tool for the external promotion of AIESEC to all of our target audiences, also as an important tool to position AIESEC externally relevant, the countries are allowed to have their websites in their native language (s).
Important: If you are maintaining your website in your native language, make sure all the website is completely aligned with the language (including Tabs and inner tabs), do not confuse your visitors with information in different languages within your tabs.
However, keep in mind that the sections: About AIESEC, Contact Us, Press, Privacy Policy are set up globally by default and are written in english and cannot be modified by countries. We recommend you to create a tab in your website "About AIESEC" to explain AIESEC in your language.
On Typography:
Typography is an important element of our brand. By controlling the type styles we use, we can strengthen the visual recognition of our brand. For web-based applications, use Arial in graphics and use Verdana/Helvetica for all HTML text. Verdana and Helvetica are fonts designed specifically for on-screen reading such as web.
Verdana / Helvetica : X small for titles
Verdana / Helvetica : XX small for content body.
Colour font: By default, the colour of the font in the AIESEC websites is "Grey". We recommend you to use always "automatic" colour to have by default colour. Titles and Subtitles should be dark blue.
Use of colours:
Colour is a vital element of our brand and consistent use of colour will greatly increase recognition and credibility.
Primary colours should be displayed prominently on all colour-marketing materials.
Stakeholder highlights provide additional feel and consistency to materials developed for particular stakeholders - alumni, student, or organisations/partners.
Stakeholder highlights should be the first colour after the primary colours used in stakeholder.
specific materials. If there is no need for a third colour, it is okay not to use a stakeholder highlight.
For stakeholder specific materials, accents can be used after the stakeholder highlight and/or in small portions to add additional colour
To protect the strength and integrity of the logo, a clear space, free of any other visual elements, should be maintained. This includes additions of entity names, changing background colors, or adding a shadow. Please respect the dimension of spaces recommended to use with the logo.
You are allowed to use the short or long logo according to your design and visual need in the inner pages of the website. The clear space on the right side is 1 unit. The clear space on the left, bottom, and top is 0.5 units.
Branding applicability to other AIESEC online channels. Make sure all your online activity is brand aligned. Online spaces can be alot of fun, but like any playground there are risks and opportunities everywhere.
Legal recommendations on use of Videos and Photos in the website:
We encourage you to respect others copyright and do not steal or appropriate photos, videos and content of of others. In order the avoid possible legal issues with the content you are putting in your website, please follow these recommendations:
* Make sure you are the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in the website and the material on it (including all text, trade marks, data, graphics, layout, logos, images, music or other audio material, clips, films or other moving images, algorithms, product details and/or software published or otherwise available on the website from time to time). IMPORTANT: Please read the Privacy Policy of the AIESEC website.
And Everyone Will Respect Your
Personal Brand
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