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c franco

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Arkansas

Arkansas flag State Symbols: Mrs. Yob
2013 By: Chloe Frank Basic Facts: Capital: Little Rock
Entered statehood on June 15, 1836
Population (as of 2000) 2,673,400
Largest City: Little Rock
State Bird: mockingbird
State Gem: diamond Geography: Arkansas Arkansas is located in the Southern United States Geography: (continued) The Arkansas region consists
mainly of lowlands, hills, and
mountains, including many lakes. History: 1686 First European
Settlement Important People:
Bill Clinton
Johnny Cash
Scott Joplin Native American Tribes:
Casqui 1803-1804 Louisiana Purchase 1764 Treaty of Fontainblue Important dates Climate Known for
weather. Humid, and
subtropical. Economy Major Industries: Agriculture, paper, wood, and mining Major Crops/Products:
Chickens The Natural State Regnant populous [The People Rule] Tourism:
Hot springs National Park
Blanchard springs Caverns Conclusion: All in all Arkansas is a great state. Along with it
having the only diamond mine in the US, Arkansas also contains various tourist attractions such as Hot Springs National Park. So, with its beautiful lakes and springs, Arkansas is definitely the place to be. Bibliography: en.wikipedia.org www.enchantedlearning.com www.50states.com www.statesymbolsUSA.org
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