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Rwandan Genocide

No description

raeesah chohan

on 29 January 2012

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Transcript of Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide Introduction The Rwandan Genocide happened in Rwanda,in 1994
The mass murder killed an estimated 800000 people,in just 100 days
There have always been disagreements between the majority Hutus and minority Tutsis
The genocide sparked when the Rwandan president (a Hutu) died when his plane was shot
Classification The Hutus and Tutsis were 2 of the groups in Rwanda
Another group in Rwanda were the Twas
They spoke the same language,and looked similar,although the Tutsis were taller and thinner than the Hutus
Both Hutus and Tutsis followed some of the same traditions and lived in the same areas Symbolization The Tutsis were forced to have identification cards,to distinguish the Tutsis from the Hutus
Other than symbolizing the different groups,the ID cards psychologicaly distanced the killars from the victims,and their task of killing them Dehuminization The Hutus referred to the Tutsis as inyenzi,or cockroaches
Dehuminizing the victims made it alot easier to think of the targets as vermin,or non-human,which made it alot easier to kill them with no guilt Organization Rwandan death squads were trained for mass murder
They forced local citizens to participate,spreading hysteria and overcoming individual resistance Polarization Radio propaganda was encouraging mass murder
Propaganda techniques were being used by the President's inner circle,like setting up a radio station to spread hate propaganda about the Tutsis Identification Identification ID cards were created
The Tutsis couldnt throw away the cards,because anyone who couldnt prove they were a Hutu were assumed to be a Tutsi
Hutu millitary men conducted mouth exams to test whether or not you had claims to the Hutu identity Extermination Leaders of the Tutsis were murdered
Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered
Ordinary citizens were encouraged or forced to take part
Participants were often bribed with money or food
Within 100 days,800000 people were killed Denial The dead bodies were thrown into rivers,with the killers saying that they were being sent back to their home country,Ethiopia
This was a way to hide the evidence of the mass murder,and avoid drawing attention to the genocide Victims
Tutsis and moderate Hutus
Hutus Bystanders
Twas,one of the 3 groups in Rwanda Remember This!!!
The lives of 800000 people were taken in just the span of 100 days,that means about 8000 people died every day... THE END.
By: Raeesah Chohan
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