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Florence and Frank Flu are

No description

Dylan Gntl

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Florence and Frank Flu are

Florence and Frank Flu are
waiting patiently on a door knob for their chance at a pickup. As your hand approaches the door knob, they seize the opportunity and latch on to your skin. What will happen to Florence and Frank as they attempt to find an entrance to your body? (4 points)
Enzymes secreted by the skin will attempt to dissolve their cell membranes.
As you enter your kitchen, you snag an orange from the
fruit bowl and begin to peel away the skin. When you pop an orange slice in your mouth, Florence Flu slides in too. What chemical barriers will stop her now? (4 points)

Enzyme containing saliva, stomach acid and mucus will also try and dissolve the cells walls.
Florence is dead, but Frank Flu has found
a way into your body through a tiny cut on your hand. Which non-specific chemical and biological immune responses could destroy Frank Flu before he replicates? Describe exactly how each of these responses could take Frank down! (4 points)
First, he white blood cells come!
the white blood cells
are coming! the white
blood cells are coming!
Then Bazofyl is on the scene as he uses
histamines to bring his trusty neutrophils
and monocytes!
Then the neutrophil
comes along and
gobbles up frank.
I was so close
Then the monocytes said
"This place is a wreck" and
turned into cell eaters who decided
to eat the dead antigens and neutrophils.
Your non-specific immunity
killed Frank, but not before he managed to infect a cell and replicate. His clones are everywhere and now your specific immunity must take over. List and describe all the components of your specific immunity that will destroy all the Frank Flu clone viruses! (4 points)

Okay, so now the awesome T and B cells come into
The B cells then use immunoglobulin to
grab onto the Frank clones and destroy or
neutralize them. They also release their antibodies
and stimulate the production of more B cells and anti bodies.
When a T helper-cell discovers a Frank they release
cytokine, which stimulates the reproduction of
Then the T killer cells grab onto all the Franks where
Their T-cell receptors kill the franks.
Now that the invasion is over,
what will your immune system do to prepare for future attacks from Frank’s relatives? (4 points)

The B memory cells remember the attack and makes your body quickly identify and attack Franks relatives.
(walking dead reference) get it, because it said
technically viruses are not LIVING things because they cant reproduce on their own? Plus the guy is like a T-cell because he's killing the zombie. Nevermind...
Learn about the
immune system
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