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PIP Presentation - Feminism

No description

Lauren O'Neill

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of PIP Presentation - Feminism

Feminism or Feminazi? The Negative Connotations surrounding Feminism & how it has become an 'F-word'
PIP Topic Title
Cross-Cultural Perspective and How it will be done
I plan on achieving a successful cross-cultural perspective through three main areas:

Through comparing how different people's opinions have changed over time and how those of different generations believe in feminism
This will be achieved through researching both a male as well as female perspective to gain a more overall view of my topic in society
Through studying anti-feminist people/groups in Western society
Continuity and Change Aspect and how it will be done
Focus question & Hypothesis
By Lauren O'Neill
PIP Presentation
Focus Question
Does Western society view feminism incorrectly/with negative connotations & stereotypes and why is this so?

Over 50% of my primary and secondary research will find that society and or themselves views feminism negatively and has preconceived notions and stereotypes surrounding the word 'feminism'

eg. all feminists are man haters
who burn bras and don't shave
their legs
My Micro and Macro Link
Where the PIP fits into the Society and Culture syllabus
Methodologies that will be used
Ethical Considerations
Secondary Research – complete an annotated reference list for the most useful three (3) academic contributors that you have used to inform your PIP process so far.
How will your PIP contribute to the development of your social and cultural literacy?
Micro Link
I believe myself to be a feminist, grown up in a family advocating feminism
I have also experienced multiple situations where people say they are against feminism due to the negative stereotypes surrounding the word & I wanted to uncover why, how & if these misconceptions where commonly believed to be true by society

Macro Perspective
Speeches by influential global citizens about the misconceptions of feminism -
eg. Emma Watson, Beyonce, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nicki Minaj, Julia Gillard,
Feminist movements
Legal Changes due to Feminism

Specific concepts I will Incorporate:
- Male & Female Perspectives
- How Feminism shapes identity
Power -
How those with power can influence their feminism beliefs on society
- How legal regulations have occured due to feminism
- How each individual reacts to feminism

and Beliefs
- How people value, perceive and believe in feminism differently
- Feminism an Ideology and way of thinking
- Feminism is essentially about equality
Social Differentiation
- Feminism wishes to fix the gender divide occuring in societies around the world
Human Rights
- Belief that equality is a human right
Prejudice and Discrimination
- Discrimination/Prejudice surrounding feminism
- How the media explores the concept of feminism

Unit/Depth study and dot points I will explore:

Belief Systems and Ideologies
- How Belief Systems/Ideologies express values and beliefs and ways of percieving the world at micro, meso and macro levels
- The Process of secularization of the belief system/ideology
- The Belief's and Values Expressed and it's impact on both personal and collective identity
- how does the belief system/ideology define gender roles?
- relationship of the belief system to ethical issues, peace and conflict in today's society

Social Inclusion and Exclusion
- The Perception of this group by other groups
- how attitudes of group members towards other groups influences their behaviour towards those groups - eg. stereotyping and prejudice

Researching the history of feminism - in particular society's changing or continuing views on feminism throughout it's existence -

Researching feminism misconceptions throughout history - eg. Bra Burning

Making a predicament about the negative connotations of feminism in the future

Cross-Cultural aspect - generational study
1. Open & Closed ended question Survey / Questionnaire
To gain a statistical and deeper, personal view - I will include scenario, images &stereotype based questions
2. Content Analysis
Looking at macro media over the decades & social media sites to help gain a view of various beliefs about feminism
3. Focus Group

10 participants max to discuss misconceptions about feminism,their beliefs on feminism & why
4. Interview

I plan on interviewing an academic in feminist studies or a similar field to gain their knowladge on my PIP topic
5. Secondary Research
I am using a variety of secondary sources - eg. videos, books, magazines, academic journals and websites
Confidentiality - Be Considerate of People's Privacy - use anonymous names, unless the participant has stated otherwise

Always acknowledging where I gained my secondary research from

Attempting to not allow bias to effect my conducting of Primary and Secondary research, and attempt to understand the context of those I am interviewing, Reading articles by ect.

Never make participants feel uncomfortable or harrassed

It will give me a deeper and broadened understanding of people's different views and beliefs on my PIP topic without judgement on my behalf

Will help me to understand why these thoughts, stereotypes, concepts ect. are believed

How certain context's and personal experiences can effect perceptions on feminism

To hypothesis what may occur with the connotations surrounding feminism in future generations

To help me personally understand my beliefs and what shaped these
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