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Test by Theodore Thomas

No description

Kirsten Kirby

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Test by Theodore Thomas

Plot Structure
Exposition: Introduces the main
Rising Action: Robert crashed head on to a car. The passenger and a girl are left motionless in the other car.
Climax: Robert awakens from hypnosis
Falling Action: Robert remebers about what happened during hypnosis and pays his $10 fee
Resolution: Robert ends up not getting his license and is taken away
April 13, 1920-September 24, 2005 (85)
Chemical Engineer & attorney
Believed this was his inspiration of "Test"
Other Works
18 short stories
5 collaborations
Most stories were science fiction dealing with psychology
Point Of View/Setting
Setting: Out on the road in his imagination
1st Person
Robert went for a drivers test and was put into a reality situation (car accident). After the accident, uniformed men told Robert he could get his lisence; all he had to do was pay the fee. Since he accepted taking his lisence, the uniformed men took him away because they thought he was sick. No one should want to drive after a near death experience.
Robert Proctor
Robert's mom
Uniformed Men
Test Giver
Little Girl
Test by Theodore Thomas
Special Topic:
Kate Willhem (The Clone, The Year of The Cloud)
Cogswell Thomas (Paradise Regained)
Leonard Lockhard (The lodging Profession)
Charles L. Harness (Improvable Profession)
"I'm still dreaming, aren't I? This is still part of the test, isn't it?" The uniformed man said, "How do any of us know?"
"Nobody should want to drive after going through what you just went through."
Madison Wingate
Kirsten Kirby
C.J. Fair
Spencer Mendible
Miller Gladding
Nathan Collazo

See Special Topic for a more in depth analysis of Perception vs. Reality
Perception vs. Reality
Short Stories
The For Look
Ceramic Incident
The Innocents Refuges
Satellite Passage
Day Of Succession
The Clone
December 28th
The Intruder
The Weather Man
The Lonely man
The Ice Ages
Science Spring Board, The: Smag
The Doctor
The Weather On The Sun
Early Bird Cogswell
Ker Plop
The Splice
What we perceive can be very different from reality
"Theodore L. Thomas." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 27 Oct. 2014
Most information from...
"Anand Dikshit's Blog.." :Short Story "Test" by Theodore Thomas. Web. 27 Oct. 2014
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