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Freshwater Biome 5P

No description

Aryssa Braxton

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Freshwater Biome 5P

5th Period Science Freshwater Biome Climate World Biome Map The Five topic questions By: Jakob Burkett, Aryssa Braxton, Mary Roshak, Hope
Von Zeier, Nino Affrunti, Vladimir Zander-Velloso, Collin Tyree Beavers, Turtles, frogs, salamander, geese, ducks, herons,
and river otter are all included in the freshwater biome from the interview what is the most common fish in the freshwater biome? One of the Main Vegetation of the Freshwater Biome Cattail
are one the most wide spread plants found in freshwater.
they are named after their characteristic of the long furry flower spikes that resemble none other than a furry cat tail.
Cattails can grow up to 9 feet tails and the flower spike often grows as long as a foot.
Most cattails are found in marshes, lakes, and rivers.
http://www.ehow.com/info_8063728_plants-freshwater-biome.html Food Chain Game Try to figure out which animals come first in the freshwater biome food chain Q.What factors determine the climate of freshwater biome?
A. Location, season and the depth of the water.
Q. Why is algae important in a freshwater biome?
A. Algae is so important because it produces more oxygen than all the other plants combined.
Q.What is the most common fish in a freshwater biome?
A.Salmon is one of the most common fish in freshwater biomes.
Q. What is the order of the food chain with the following animals: Sun, bear, human, salmon, algae?
A. Sun, bear, human, salmon, algae.
Q. What are the 4 categories of freshwater biomes?
A. streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Lakes and River Biomes 5th Period Science Animals Alge Salmon Bear Human Sun Human, fish, sun, bear, algae Food chain
of freshwater
biomes On average in the summer the temps. range
from 65 degrees F. to 75 degrees F.(18- 24
degrees C.)
in the winter the temps. average around 35
degrees F. to 45 degrees F.( 2-7 degrees C.)
The average rainfall is 10-80 inches per year-25.4-203 centimeters per year) More vegetation of the Freshwater Biome. Average precipitation and temperature of the Freshwater Biome acornmontessori.com t The Different Types of Freshwater Biomes Lakes -Fed by rainfall-may be seasonal
-plants and alge grow at the bottom
-Food web simpler than lakes Marsh -Land soaked
-usually along low stream beds and flat land
-Large trees and shrubs -Inland wetlands
-Soil is acidic
-Decay is slow -Deepest type of standing water

-May be fed by aquifers

-Complex food webs Pond -Very shallow water occasionally land is exposed

-Flordia everglades is the largest freshwater marsh

-Plants have roots under water

- Leaves above water Swamp Bog http://www.docstoc.com/docs/130007009/FRESHWATER-BIOMES Salmon They have streamlined bodies that help them cut through the water easier. They also have strong jaws to chew food down to simpler substances. http://www.slideshare.net/IrfanKlatt/adaptations-for-salmon
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