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"Marriage is a Private Affair"


Maria Jiram

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of "Marriage is a Private Affair"

"Marriage is a Private Affair" by Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe is one of Nigeria's most popular writers. He was born in Ogidi, Nigeria, on November 16, 1930. He graduated from the University College at Ibadan in 1953. He was a teacher and worked in radio. Achebe often writes about a conflict between traditional African culture and new ideas. His first novel, in 1958, was Things Fall Apart. He also writes poems and short stories. Achebe writes in English. His books have been translated into many other languages. Vocabulary Cosmopolitan Leave Dunce Pastor Disconcertingly Negotiations Parching Qualification Commiserate Dissuasion Infinitely Vehemently Obstinately Hostile Persevere Forsaken Remorse Time to review... Why do you think conflicts between customs exist? Social Dress Code Morals Recognition of the dead Punctuality Treatment of the elderly Marriage "Marriage is a Private Affair" What do you think this short story is going to be about? Including People from many places to express sorrow and sympathy in an upsetting way discourage someone from an action a stupid person abandoned; left alone angrily opposed to without any limits a vacation; permission to be away from work a discussion that leads to an agreement stubbornly very dry a Christian minister to carry on in spite of difficulties; not giving up an ability that suits a person for a certain task regret for doing something harmful with strong emotion
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