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The Taste Of Melon

No description

Megan Adams

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Taste Of Melon

The Taste Of Melon Written by Borden Deal The Story I chose was The Taste Of Melon. This short story was written by Borden Deal. Deal was born October 12, 1922 and passed away from a heart attack on January 22, 1985. Deal married twice and had four kids. Deal wrote many pieces of work. He wrote short stories, novels, reviews, and poems. Introduction In the beginning, the narrator introduced the important characters. He talked about what they were like and how they acted. Soon, a man named Mr. Wills came into the story and his 'Seed Melon' was introduced. The seed melon was very large and precious to Mr. Wills. The narrator and his friends went swimming at night, and talked about stealing the heavily guarded seed melon. The narrator got the courage to do it and stole the melon. Him and his friends ate a portion of the melon and smashed the rest. Soon after, Mr. Wills was very angry and explained why the melon was so important. Overwhelmed with guilt, the narrator went back to the remains of the melon and gathered it's seeds. He brought them to Mr. Wills who would plant them for a plentiful season of watermelons. Mr. Wills turned out to be a kind man despite his rough demeanor. Overall the story was good and had a well thought out plot. Plot The setting in the story took place in a farm like town. People would farm for living or work in the town. When I read the story, the way the narrator described it, it seemed to take place in the 1950's. In a part of the story, the narrator and his friends went to the creek to swim. This means the town had good land for planting, as well as bodies of water, big or small. Overall, the setting seemed a perfect fit for the story. Setting and Characters Theme: The theme of the story was like a lesson. The theme was the stereo-typical teenager making a mistake and fixing it in the end. Character Analysis - Mr. Wills The main character was the narrator. The author never wrote the narrators name. The narrator at the time of the story was a 16 year old boy. He lived with his parents. His father worked in town instead of on a farm. The narrator had two friends named Freddy Gray and J.D. They were also 16 year old boys. A girl named Willadean was in the story as the narrators love interest. She was 16 and nearly as tall as the narrator. She was fairly slender and was good at games called Gully Keeper and Ante-over. Mr. Wills was Willadean's father. Mr. Wills was the best farmer in the community. He was a big man and under heavy eyebrows had fierce eyes. Mr. Wills, despite his tough look, was a very kind and understanding man. Those are the characters in the story. Point of View: The story was written in 1st person view. The narrator described what was going on in his view only. Flashbacks? Yes, there was a flashback in the story. In fact, the entire story was the author telling a story about when he was younger. The irony in the story was that Mr. Wills was tough and scary, when he ended up being kind and understanding. The suspense in the story happened around the climax and the resolution. During the climax, you were wanting to know if the narrator would be able to succeed stealing the melon. And during the resolution, you would be waiting to find out if Mr. Wills would be understanding or angry. Mr. Wills was Willadean's, the narrator's love interest, father. He worked on his farm. Mr. Wills was known as the greatest farmer in the community. Mr. Wills was particularly fond of his watermelons. He was a rough and intimidating man on the outside but he was very nice once you got past his appearance and protectiveness.

Mr. Wills is a big man. He is tough and tall. His eyes are fierce and bright and placed under dark bushy eyebrows. It was almost as if you would wither when he looked down at you. Mr. Wills had a strong, loud voice that he often used to yell at his produce. My Opinion I didn't like the story a lot, but I didn't dislike it. In my opinion, short stories are slightly uneventful and too fast paced. There is not very much time to build up to the climax. However, this story was very well written and put together. I did like the characters. The only problem I had was with the narrator. The author didn't say anything about the narrator besides that he was sixteen and male. Otherwise, the other characters were well described for a short story. While I read the story, I didn't really think about what I thought would happen in the end. Since it is a short story and I read it in one sitting, I didn't stop to think about the ending. I was able to point out the lesson however. The moral of the story is to not make bad decisions to impress others. Also, if you do, then make the right decision by owning up and claiming your consequence.
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