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Getting Organized For Middle School

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laura migdal

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Getting Organized For Middle School

How Do I Get Organized For Middle School?
Use Your Agenda
Manage the Block Schedule
Monday: All classes

Tuesday and Thursday: Periods 1,3,5,7

Wednesday and Friday: Periods 2,4,5,6
Set A Time And A Place For Homework
What time will you start your homework?
Use your agenda to block out free time, schoolwork time, and activities time.
Do you have sports, music, scout, or church activities?
Make a plan for the week.
Set aside 60-90 minutes a day for homework. If you finish early you have more free time!
Your homework spot should be quiet and free of distractions.
Have a place in your bedroom to store your books and binders when you don't need them. That way you can just grab what you need each day.
Manage Your Binders
Know Where to Find Daily Homework from Every Teacher
Most teachers have a homework board
Students and parents can check 24/7 Blackboard for daily homework and assignments.
Have What You Need
Sturdy backpack
School supplies that teachers request
What To Do Before and After School
Create a morning schedule. If you have a scheduled time in your head for each thing you need to do, it will be easy to stay on track all morning!
Keep Your Locker Organized
Ask For Help From Parents and Siblings
Differences Between Elementary School and Middle School
seven teachers
five minutes to get to class
more homework
more friends
more responsibility
Use Technology
Remember that you only have each class three times a week.
BEST PRACTICE: Do your homework the night that it is assigned!
Before School
After School
Know when you will do your homework, when you will relax, when your after school activities are, and when to go to bed.
Know your work habits

Do you like to get things finished before you can relax?
Do you need to relax a little before you get to work?

Have a set homework time.
Have a set bedtime
Experts say that you need nine hours of sleep to stay energized, focused, and strong.
Know what time you need to get the sleep you need
This is the BEST way to stay focused and organized.
Resist the temptation to do homework in the morning. There is never enough time and you end up rushing around.
Parents and older siblings can help keep you organized.
Request they ask you about your homework every day.

Parents can sign up for a PARENT VIEW in Blackboard and see all of your assignments.

Set aside an agreed upon time when a parent or sibling can help you with what you need.
Quiz you, proofread, help withdirections, or check homework
Agree on time you both can make free time, such as 5:30 or after dinner.
Fill in basic information on the first page in case your agenda is misplaced.

Replacement agendas can be purchased from Ms. Min during lunch for $4.00.

Find a special but private date in your agenda to put important information like ID#, locker combinations, and passwords. If the agenda is misplaced, your information is safe. Parent or sibling birthday works well.
The calendar page gives you an overview of the month.

List important events like birthdays and sports practices.
FIll in assignments from each class every day.

Be sure to enter DUE DATES for assignments.

Use the list at the bottom of each page to creat a "TO DO" list for each day.
The PASSPORT section in the back of the agenda is important. This is the section used for passes out of class. Be sure to take good care of this.
Carry your agenda at all times. It must be with you for class, after school activities, and to leave a classroom for any reason.

Agendas should be cared for like a textbook. They are not to be written on, torn or folded in any way.

Students may personalize and decorate agendas only on the sticker that will be given to you and placed on the back of the book.
A barcode will be placed on the inside cover of the agenda.

This is used to track attendance after school and to check out library books.

Do not write on barcodes.

Damaged barcodes can be replaced by Ms. Min during lunch.
Other Agenda Resources to Check Out!
School information in the front of the agenda
onTRAC planning and goal setting resources spread throughout the agenda pages
Subject resources in the back of agenda
Know WHEN and WHERE you will study and do homework.
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