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Brooke Bechtold

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Hungary

A love for life!
Hungary is one of the oldest European countries. It has so many beautiful landmarks including one of the worlds most beautiful city, Budapest. It also has the largest fresh water lake of Central Europe, Lake Balaton.
Physical Geography
National Athem
Typical European Continental
-heavy snowfall/storms in the winter
- dry, sunny spells, heavy thunderstorms in the summer
- precipitation 400-600 mm
Land mass of '35,916 sq. mi
almost the size of India
Landlocked country
- Danube River

-Lake Balaton
States and Capital
Capital- Budapest
Population and People
some beliefs are
- men work and the women take care of the home and children
-no longer any arranged marriage
- hospitatlity
-men walk on left side of women
- college= better education
northern part of the great plains
Goulash soups
religion- 2/3 are roman catholic. 1/4 are protesan. 4% Lutheran. 1% Jewish and 2% are nondenominat-iona
Cultural Challenges
hungary has the highest rate of suicide in the world!
hungarian forint
People of Hungary
History of Hungary
Famous/Important people
Barbra Plavin
Zsa Zsa Gabor
movie actress
Miklos Feher
soccer player
Louis I
Bela Karolyi
gymnastics coach
Janos Ader
world leader/president
Important Dates
1867- partnered in a large empire
1000- St.Stephen converts to Christianity, later cananized
WWI- lost terriotory and became landlocked
1944- Natzi took control (invaded
1999- became full member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
1914-1918- WWI
1919- Hungarian-Romania War
1941-1945- WWII
1956- Soviet Union invades
2003- Hunagary part of the Coalitionof the willing which invaded Iraq
was under control of communistic party- 1948-1989
change in 1989 brought in a multiparty gov. and parlimentary democracy
end of 20th century= 182 official political parties
president- two 5 year terms
parliment called National Assembly- 386 deputies- 4 year term
Economic System
new governmen-t wants to replace the countrys old constitution
Physical Map
hungary in the summer
hungary in the winter
hungarian pancakes
Resource Map
Fun Facts
The End!!
speak hungarian
Buda Castle
Hungarian parliment building
Chain bridge
Szechenyi bath
St.Stephen's Basilica
matthais church
City Park
Hungarian State Opera House
Shoes on the Danube Lake
Hungarian Plains
- one of the 30 most popular tourist destination in the world, attracts 10.2 million people a year (2011)
- Rubiks cube was invented in Hungary
- Famous for mathematicians
- 13 Hungarian born scientists have won the Nobel Peace Prize
- Won the 8th most Olympic medals
- water polo team is the best in the country
Sports and Holidays
water polo
basketball and fencing
August 20th- St.Stephens Day= greatest hungarian holiday
Family Life
- not more than two children on average
rock and pop music is know heard
lots of hungarian traditions diminished
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