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Cynthia Lavers

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Photosynthesis

Where does Photosynthesis occur in the plant?
Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts of the plant
How does Water enter a plant and get to the leaves?
There are two ways that water enters the leaf; first, through the roots when it rains and
second, from within the leaf which
is left over as a waste product of cellular respiration
Why is sunlight important in the process of Photosynthesis?
Sunlight is one of the ingredients in photosynthesis, it helps mix the necessary ingredients together for the plant to produce its food. More specifically it rips apart the water to help build glucose (food).
What does the plant do with the sugar it makes?
The plant uses the sugar (food) that is just made to make more energy. It makes this energy
through the use of cellular respiration.
What are the final products of Photosynthesis and how are they important to life on this planet?
The final products of photosynthesis are glucose (sugar) and oxygen. The oxygen allows
animals and other organisms to breathe and produce energy through cellular respiration.
The sugar (food) is also used by other organisms to make energy. Both oxygen and glucose are ingredients in the process of cellular respiration, which all organisms undergo, to make energy.
How does glucose enter the body?
Each time that an organism eats food it is taking in sugar, which is broken down into
Photosynthesis and cellular Respiration
By:Tim Lavers

How does Co2 enter the Leaf?
Carbon Dioxide comes into the leaf through the stomata which are tiny holes in the leaf that allow water and gases in and out. The carbon dioxide that the plant comes from being a waste product breathed out by organisms.
what is a waste Product for the plant and how is it removed form the plant?
The major waste product for the plant is oxygen which is released back into the
environment through the stomata, the tiny holes in the leaf of the plant
What is the main site of cellular respiration?
Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria of a cell.
How does oxygen enter the body?
Oxygen is taken into the body each time an organism inhales. It travels through the
organisms blood and enters the cell through the process of diffusion.
What is ATP?
ATP is the name given to the energy that is created through the process of cellular
Why is it Important?
This energy is used by every organism to complete every life functions from moving to
making more energy!
What is a waste product of cellular Respiration, and how is it removed from the body?
Carbon dioxide is one of the waste products of cellular respiration and leaves the body
each time you exhale. In addition, water (in the form of a gas) also leaves your body
through the same process.
What living things carry on cellular Respiration?
All living things carry on the process of cellular respiration
Equations for both Photosynthesis and cellular respiration!
Photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sunlight → Glucose (food) + Oxygen

Cellular Respiration: Glucose (food) + Oxygen → Water + Carbon Dioxide + ATP (energy)
Label the Reactants and Products...
Photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sunlight are the reactants (ingredients) and → Glucose (food) + Oxygen are the products
Cellular Respiration: Glucose (food) + Oxygen are the reactants and Water + Carbon Dioxide + ATP (energy) are the products.
How are they similar?
They occur within cells, they are necessary for life. They both require energy to work
How are they different from one another?
They are the opposite processes of each other, one makes food and then the other uses the
food to make energy. Cellular respiration makes energy while photosynthesis uses energy
to make food.
How are they dependent on one another?
Photosynthesis produces the sugar and oxygen necessary for the mitochondria to use to
make the energy necessary. The waste product of cellular respiration is used as one of the
ingredients of photosynthesis.
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