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Scrum Together - Current

How to achieve hyper-productivity in your workflow with scrum.

Peter Stradinger

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of Scrum Together - Current

Scrum Actors Scrummaster Pigs Chicken Planning Story Time Box Points Points Poker Backlog Features Sprint Stand-Up Blocking Todo Done Doing Questions Burndown Retrospective Meeting Rewards Resolution Scrum is not magic. Scrum cuts away cruft from a project. It encourages honest communication, accountability, and productivity. Workers freely get the job done. Managers see their goals met in a timely manner. * Keeps pigs accountable for their claims
* Protects pigs from getting henpecked
* Makes sure everyone plays by the rules * Proxy for the customer
* Has domain knowledge of the business requirements
* Defers authority to the Scrummaster * Responsible for delivering whatever they promise
* Has domain skills for fulfilling stories
* Defers authority to the Scrummaster
The fixed amount of time between the
beginning and end of the Sprint
How hard is this story? As a reference point we bid "ideal" unit of time
Not intended for time tracking
3 point story is roughly 3X bigger than a 1 point story.

Bigger bids are less accurate so we use a fibbonacci
sequence for the allowable bids:
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21

Anything bigger than 8 is generally broken down into smaller tasks
* A verifiable description of a feature
* Demonstrably False for the backlog
* Demonstrably True for the feature list
* Pigs bid on stories
* Pigs and Chickens negotiate stories
* Chickens order the stories
* Scrummaster defines the sprint Feature Presentation Coming Soon!
* Everything you project currently does
* Everything you should continue to do
Pigs pull tasks intead of Chickens pushing them * What story did you move from Doing to Done yesterday?
* What story will you work on today?
* Is there anything blocking or slowing your progress
in the story you'll be working on today?
Driver: Keeps it moving
Navigator: Keeps you on course What stops you from getting your story done?
What slows you down? When you need to wait for input from
someone else, but you don't want to slow down Visually track whether you're on schedule
Have a good idea from the second day Pigs fly when the chickens say
a story is Done. Know every sprint if you're
speeding up or slowing down * What things that you did went well?
* What things could be done better?
* What concrete things could the
Scrummaster do better?
Scrummaster commits to making sure something happens next sprint It's called a sprint for a reason. Pigs and Chickens both need to celebrate and rest. Velocity
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