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No description

Sydney O'Brien

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Thesis

We don't need a Bill of Rights
Our rights are already in the Preamble
We don't need to write them down twice
We need to unite
We tried being separate states and separate governments with the Articles of Confederation, it didn't work out too well
The government needs more power so they can enforce laws
Supported the Constitution
Thought we needed to come together and have a strong central government
Didn't think we needed a Bill of Rights
I think the Federalists idea was the best idea presented at the time of the Constitutional Convention
Wanted a Bill of Rights
Wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation, only wanted to make some modifications to it
Didn't support the Constitution
Thought that each state/colony should have their own government
Which did I choose?
If there's a food shortage in Georgia and we ask other states to send a portion of their crops to Georgia, the states don't necessarily have to do it because the government doesn't have enough power over them to have to listen.
During the Constitutional Convention there were two ideas proposed
We need one big central government that rules over all the states
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