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Persuasive speech analysis in the lorax

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Erik Wankasky

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive speech analysis in the lorax

Persuasive speech analysis in the Lorax
The Lorax keeps telling the once-ler to get out and to do this he keeps taking out the pegs of the tent
Varied Sentence Length
The Lorax varied his sentence length which was very effective in getting his warning across to the Once-ler
The Lorax has the authority to tell the Once-ler to get out of the forest, since he is the one who speaks for the trees
The Lorax used common sense to be able to tell that the small bear was not able to cut down the tree
The Lorax and Once-ler got their final wish of having people care about trees after all of the trees had been cut down
By: Erik Wankasky and Thomas Pearce
The reason that we chose to use the
Lorax is because there is a speech that
uses many elements of literature in it. Also because the movie is somewhat humorous
Figurative Speech
The Lorax said that he spoke for the trees which is creating personification since the trees cant actually talk to the Lorax
Scenes 24:40-27:15

Was the Speech Effective?
We believe that the speech was effective, not immediately but in the end the Lorax was able to get the Once-ler to love trees
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