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Proper Interview Techniques - TEC – 551 Multimedia Activity

Brophy Video Production

Pete Burr

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Proper Interview Techniques - TEC – 551 Multimedia Activity

Proper Interview Techniques
Brophy Video Production
Online Lesson

"School Portrait" By Michael Berliner
Booths and Bodies: The life and work of Anthony Vizzari
by Phillip Bloom
Some Things to Consider
Natural Light
Available Light
Get Creative
Some Things to Consider...
Size of Area
Some Things to Consider...
What causes it?
Best Practices
Things to Consider...
Rule of Thirds
Use limitations to your advantage
What's behind your subject?
Things to Consider...
What makes a good question?
Throw away questions
More is always better
Welcome to the online lesson for Proper Interview Techniques!
The objects for this online lesson are as follows
Understand how to properly compose an interview with quality audio
Understand the importance Lighting, Location, Sound, Framing, & Good Questions have in the interview process.
You will be successful if...
You view all of the material
You read and view each link and video
This should take you 30-45 minutes
There will be two short answer assessments that check for your understanding
In order to get participation credit for both the online and in class portion of this lesson you must complete the short assessments

Video to watch - DSLR Lighting Techniques
Article to Read - Lighting for location
Video to watch - Three tricks for your impossibly small film crew
Rule of Thirds visualized
Article to read - http://www.desktop-documentaries.com/interviewing-tips.html
Please take this short answer assessment
Please take this short answer assessment
*In order to view links please make sure Prezi is not in full screen mode
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