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Simera Martins

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

This Is a Poetry Piece on Empathy. Empathy How does media effect how we view important character traits like empathy How Does This Encourage Us To GIVE Empathy Empathy How Is Empathy Shown In This Piece In this piece "Empathy" it describes what empathy really is and what an empathetic listener does. Also the author states how it would feel to walk in their shoes with all their pain and leading them to recovery. When it comes down to movies, T.V's, video's and other media pieces. There is usually a bully or "the bad guy" that does not have very good character traits like empathy. Then by the end they are proven wrong or change and get those good traits. So sometimes the media shows good and bad views of good character traits. We think that it encourages us to give empathy by telling us how powerful empathy really is. By telling us that we can help and guide people through their problems. Just by taking the time to "Walk in their shoes" BY: Ed Orstrom An empathetic Listener I would be,Seeking to help others to be set free,Now let me reflect back what I hear,To the heart of others I would draw near,In all I say and in all I do,Let me seek to walk a mile in their shoes,I would feel their inner hurt and pain,Non-judgmentally objective remain,In spite of their confusion and strife,Let me make a difference in their life,May I encourage them day by day,Seek to help them walk recovery's way. What is the resistance in the world to empathy and how may this piece change that People who do not show empathy can maybe have trust issues and don't want to share their problems and don't want to open up or get involved in others. Some people have too much pride.This poem makes you realize that there are people who are not judgemental and its okay to be open sometimes. Why Did We Choose This Piece. Media comes in many different forms and we wanted to show a form of media that does not get too much attention. So using poetry is a great way to get the message across and the poem speaks such wonderful words to express what empathy really is. BY: Muskan, Jasmeen, Rahul & Simera Thanks For Watching
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