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NUTR203 Furikake Gohan with Scramble Eggs and Jellied Meat Broth

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Derrick Evalobo

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of NUTR203 Furikake Gohan with Scramble Eggs and Jellied Meat Broth

Hello! Today we're going to make some Furikake Gohan, but this one is not just any simple rice bowl with some yummy flakes on it. It will be served with scrambled eggs, chicken and jellied meat.

Furikake Gohan comes from Japan. Gohan in Furikake pretty much translates into rice bowl. Furikake is usually a type of dried condiment made of dried ground fish, seaweed, and other spices.
Furikake Gohan

When I use to live in Japan, after having played outside for awhile we would go to my friends house and have a quick meal of Furikake Gohan. Having this simple meal brings me back to my childhood and the fun days that I had in Japan.

I got the idea of adding the scrambled eggs with chicken from a Japanese comic that I read. the name escapes me, but I thought the idea was pretty good to try if I wanted to have something a little bit more filling.

So lets get to it!
You'll need the Following:
A Ingredients: Jellied Meat Broth
Chicken Wings (# of pieces is up to you)
Sesame Oil 1 tablespoon
Ginger (grated) 1 teaspoon
Bonito Broth 3 cups
Basic Ingredients for Bonito Broth:
Chicken Stock 1.5 cups
Bonito Flakes 1 cup
Dried Japanese Kelp (optional) 12"x2" piece
Salt (optional) 1/2 tablespoon
Sake 1.5 tablespoons
Sugar 1.5 tablespoons
Mirin 1.5 tablespoons
Soy Sauce (I used light) 1/5 cups

Nowadays you can find most of these ingredients at any grocery store. The bonito flakes might be a little challenge to find. I got mine at a Japanese market.
You'll need the Following (continued):
B Ingredients: Scrambled Eggs
Eggs 4
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Salt couple of pinches or to your liking
C Ingredients :
Steamed White Rice
(I used white short grain)
Spring Onion (minced) your choice on amount

I didn't have access to fresh ginger at the time so I used dried. But if you can use fresh, do it!
Instructions and Preparation:
First prepare your white rice and have the cooking in the background while you do everything else.

Making the Bonito Broth:
Put your chicken stock in a pot. If you're going include the Japanese Kelp, let that simmer in the chicken stock. If you're not going to use kelp, just simmer the chicken stock and add the bonito flakes. Let that simmer for two minutes on low temperature. Then remove from heat and add salt. Put it aside and let it sit, this will give the flakes more time to soak in the stock. Strain and set aside to be used for the jellied chicken broth.
Instructions and Preparation:
Jellied Meat Broth
Heat the sesame oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken wings until they are browned. Put the chicken wings along with the rest of the ingredients in A in a pot. Put the pot on high temperature and bring to a boil. Skim the scum from the top.
Instructions and Preparation:
Jellied Meat Broth Continued
Once again strain the broth, separating the broth from the chicken wings. Put the broth in a separate container. You can use whatever container you have or would like to use, it will be placed in your refrigerator after the broth cools down first.
De-bone the chicken wings and chop the meat. I like big pieces but you can chop them finely if you like.
Instructions and Preparation:

Scrambled Eggs
Scramble eggs in a bowl and mic the other ingredients in B. Preheat a pan, right before putting the eggs in the pan, put the temperature on low. Put the mix in the frying pan and stir it quickly until finely minced and done.
Instructions and Preparation:

Last thing to do before putting it all together is to mince the spring onion.

Putting it all together:
Once the chicken broth in the fridge turns into a sort of jelly, take it out and dice them or scoop them making small pieces of gelatin.
Prepare a bowl of hot steamed white rice. Place the chicken and eggs on top of the rice and then the spring onions.
Serve it and then sprinkle the jellied chicken broth on top. It should melt upon contact.
If the chicken and eggs have cooled down too much, reheat them in the frying pan before placing on the rice.
forgot to take a picture of the jellied chicken broth before placing it on the chicken and eggs. This is all that I was able to salvage.
The Finished Product
I asked a friend to try some and comment on it.
This is what she had to say about it.
"Yumm-o! This bowl is filled with love and chicken! A delicious alternative to greasy fast food bowls :) :)"

-Kris Villamarin
Here she is right after taking a picture of the food before digging in.
Making Furikake Gohan
with Scrambled Eggs and
Jellied Meat Broth

More of what she has to say about it:

"I don't really like the fishy taste of bonito, but how this is done.... it's pretty good."

-Kris Villamarin
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