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Digital Media Council

No description

Bushra Pervaiz

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Digital Media Council

Digital Media Council
Training Stages

Stage 2- Expert Stage
Stage 3- Specialist Stage
Stage 4-Consultant Stage
Digital Media Council will enable you to be a Digital Marketing Expert. No matter what your area of Interest is SEO, SEM or SMM. You will surely be a master of Digital Marketing.
"We will convert PEAS into PEARLS"
For Details Visit: www.digitalmediacouncil.com/
Stage 1- Executive Stage
Expert Stage will aim to enhance knowledge towards digital Marketing. And to polish their communication, writing and interpersonal skills.
Executive Stage will initially taught link building and basics of SEO, SEM and SEM to increase quality of inbound links to pages.
SEO Specialist
At this stage learn technical on-page part like, orientation with Meta titles, description and tags etc.
SEM Specialist
Trainees will move on to learn about the paid marketing techniques.
SMO Specialist
Trainees will move on to learn about techniques regarding technical Social Media Marketing.
At Consultant Stage Trainees will have to handle a complete project, communicate with the client and solve all the issues associated with it.
At the End:
By: Bushra Pervaiz
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