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Principles of Sports Development Unit

Rhian Jones - rhian.jones@solent.ac.uk

Rhian Jones

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Principles of Sports Development Unit

Introduction to the unit
Principles of Development Unit
Unit Schedule
Level 4 Coaching and Dev
1 x Written Assignment (50%)Week 14
1 x In Class Tests (50%)
8 Questions in 60 mins
Week 11
NOTE HAND-IN DATES!!! Plenty of resources to get your teeth into
This is where sport begins..
Occupies government and non-governmental agencies but why?
Sport has the power to facilitate change / performance
Furthermore, a very vulnerable area as well
Explores social change through sport
Applied sport studies/sociology
Why are we interested in it?
Sports Development
If you meet the learning outcomes you pass the unit!!!!!!!!!!!
On completion of this unit, students will have:
Knowledge and Understanding
1. Recognised the origins and evolution of modern sport development and identified key agencies and players involved in sport developments initiatives in the UK.
2. Described the role of the sport development professional in a) facilitating sporting opportunities within the UK and b) identifying funding streams for sport in the UKCognitive skills
3.Evaluated information and make links with other aspects of sport and recreation.Practical and Professional skills
4. Appreciated the diversity of interests within sport development in the UKTransferable and Key skills
5. Communicate effectively
What are learning outcomes?
Rhian Jones RM 203 x 6391
Lecture Objectives
Introduce a brief context of Sports Development in modern society
Introduce the overview of this unit
What are learning outcomes?
Outline the assessment requirements
Useful hints and tips
The rest replaced by online delivery (see guide)
lectures about information, providing knowledge - a basis for your further READING
Be willing to Interact in lectures
Seminars are very interactive, a chance for you to clear up, find out more, have your say
Take notes
Library referencing leafletsHarvard methodDo not answer the learning outcomes!Essays: care re: spelling, grammar, logical structure; not being overly descriptive.Succeed at Solent
Do not overly use internet sources as references Websites are a sources from which you should get information however, read and reference documents & articles Wikipedia is not an academic reference!Journals (GOOD)Recommended books are very good sources
Information sources
Why Sport Development?
Task / Online
What is it?
Why do we have Sport Development?
What is the rationale for it?
Online - is after the lecture - hopefully before the seminar. However, it has been designed to enhance your learning for the next lecture.
The directive task is for the following weeks seminar
I will remind you in the lectures the tasks that are to be carried out and when they should be completed by.
Attend all lectures and seminars!
Differences between online and directive tasks
Contested term (Hylton et al 2001, p15 and 2010 p32)
"a term used to describe processes, policies and practices that form an integral feature of the work involved in providing sporting opportunities".

Opportunities for whom?Who/What/Why are we targeting?What role does government play?
Mixed interpretations = complications?
Problems with S.D – a series of questions / evidence
Working in industry – various and diverse roles
Whats Sport Development?
Concepts of Sports Development
Models of Sports Development
Local and National level
Implementation of Sports Development Programmes (target groups)
School Sport
National Governing Bodies
Monitoring and Evaluation of Sports Development Programmes
The Future of Sports Development
Unit Overview
12 lectures in total - teach in period 1 for 15 weeks
Social Science Information Gateway: http://www.sosig.ac.uk
Resource Guide for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=rg_hosp_mainSports Discus: http://www.citadel.edu/library/sports.htmSportsdevelopment.org.uk: http://www.sportdevelopment.org.ukUK Sports Council: http://www.uksport.gov.ukSport England: www.sportengland.orgActivesport.org: www.activesport.orgSport and Recreation Alliance: http://www.sra.org.uk/Sports Coach UK: http://www.sportscoachuk.org/Department of Culture, Media and Sport: http://www.culture.gov.uk/about_us/sport/default.htmYouth Sport Trust: http://www.youthsporttrust.org/English Federation of Disability Sport: http://www.efds.net
Sources to look at!
Try and reflect each week on the lectures
What have you taken in?
What are you unsure about?
Don’t be afraid to ask in seminars or lecture
I’m here to help!
Get out into the local community – apply horizontal and vertical development
Do not overly use internet sources as references
Websites are a sources from which you should get information, however read and reference documents & articles
Wikipedia is not an academic reference!Journals (GOOD)
Recommended books are very good sources
There is no one clear definition – it is down to interpretation
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