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No description

Sarah Peterson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Shafer

R. Murray Shafer Biography Epitah For Moonlight Statement in Blue Comparison -Born in Sarnia, ON.
-Studied at Royal Conservatory of music & U of T
-Was very concerned about environment & noise pollution
-Most known for establishing the World Soundscape Project
-Teacher at Memorial and Simon Fraser university
-Experimental & Unique
-Contemporary piece
-Ear training exercise
-Synonyms for "moonlight"
-Tone clusters
-Controlled Improvisation
-Rarely a conventional musical note
-ABA form
-Problems and Questions
-Both eerie, unconventional and use controlled improvisation
-Statement in Blue has a more prominant form
-Instrumental vs. Choral
-Epitaph for Moonlight is more experimental
-Overall very similar style
-Both obviously written by Shafer
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