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The Power of Presence - How to Give a Great Presentation

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Malcolm Nicholls

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of The Power of Presence - How to Give a Great Presentation

The Power of Presence - How to Give a Great Presentation
the secret to great presence.........
Depending on the studies that are out there anywhere from 50-90% of all communication takes place non-verbally
So why are you spending some much time focusing on what you are saying and the quality of your presentation tools?
don't try to be someone else
1. posture
2. breathing
The four things
that will transform
your interactions
with others:
3. centering
4. energy
HOW we are in our body - how we express ourselves through our body - determines how engaged our audience is going to be
trust - interest - likeability
authenticity - engagement
try to be more fully
The sales pitch at the end....
introvert vs extrovert
My answer: get out of your head and into your body
What made Steve Jobs so great at presenting?
Who am I and what gives me the right to talk about this stuff?
It is impossible to match yourself to everyone in the audience. Therefore - who you are is the most important thing in a presentation
What about all those body language and psychological matching techniques that are out there?
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