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SouthEast Asia

No description

Breanne Turner

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of SouthEast Asia

Southeast Asia Cambodia Indonesia Singapore Thailand Vietnam
fashion Entertainment
food religion culture government school I am going to tell you about.. Cambonia..
The majority of
Cambodia's fashion is based
on silk items like jackets, scarfs, etc. Singapore Indonesia In general people wear clothes that are similar to western style. In many rural areas and on celebrations (special occasions) people wear traditional dress. Girls in Singapore are usually caught
wearing dresses. It is very seldom that you
would catch them wearing pants and a shirt. Singapore Thailand Thai people only wear their traditional clothings
on special holidays and occasions. On regular days, men would wear suits to work, and the kids would wear school uniforms to school. Vietnam People in Vietnam wear cotton clothes. Styles differ in northern and southern Vietnam. Many people wear sandals made of old tire rubber(North). (South) Many men and women wear western styled clothing. Some women still wear the traditional au dai. A greatly appreciated band in Cambonia is the Morokats. Cambodia
Indonesia Singapore Thailand Vietnam Entertainment in Indonesia is a combination of traditional, modern (local), and non-local. Traditional entertainment includes wayang (puppet show), commedians, and traditional dances. Singapore is very famous for their athletics in
ballet and gymastics. Muay Thai kickboxing is a very famous
sport in Thailand. The sport is the most
popular sport in Thailand. The Vietnam war between
France, Vietnam, and America was
one of the worst wars in the world.
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