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Young Alumni, Student Engagement & Student Philanthropy

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Lauren MacKay

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Young Alumni, Student Engagement & Student Philanthropy

Young Alumni, Student Engagement & Student Philanthropy - CASE Conference
Meet the Millennials
7 Characteristics of the Millennial Generation
Daily stress
"What do you want, when do you want it done?"
Not ready to deal with "Not having a job"
Struggle with free time
Enjoy structured and scheduled days
Take on too much responsibility
Think that small mistakes will have large consequences
"You can accomplish anything in life if you do not mind who gets the credit"

Vital Campus Partners
Student activities
Fraternity & Sorority affairs
Leadership development
Community service office
Graduation Fair
Student Newspaper
Career Services
Do not question authority - trust the government
Fear of being a non-conformist
Support and believe in social rules
Diversity is a given - not conscience of diversity, comfortable with differences
Promises are hard to fulfill - especially those associated with the University
Student Alumni Societies
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"
When creating an organization or program, it is important to recognize your culture!

College - not about getting an education but about launching a career
High pressure to choose a career
Strong focus on getting good grades, working hard and extracurricular activities
OK with instruction - but need flexibility on how to get things done, would rather do it on their own
Trends In Young Alumni Programming
Figure out how Philanthropy fits into a typical college kid's life
Feb Club at Penn State
Brand your program - millenials are extremely brand loyal
Educate while still in school or it catches them off guard after graduation
Education should start before their first day of College Classes
At convocation - speaker should include a subtle statement "you are sitting where other donors and alumni have sat in the past"
Tour guides should explain in tours why buildings are named what they are
Must put your message into their language - how do they benefit?
Milestones marked with celebrations
Sense of entitlement
Expectation of frequent positive feedback
Claim they want privacy, but they want attention
Sense that they will have to solve problems that older generations have created or failed to solve
"Baby on Board;" grew up with increasing security at home and at school
Rarely unsupervised
Parents are always present solving their problems. Ex: "Helicopter Parents"
Result of this is that millennials enjoy close relationships with their parents
Millennials may rely on parents longer than older generations
"The Sunshine Generation"
Motivated, goal-oriented, confident in themselves and their future
They expect college to launch them
High levels of optimism
Assertive and believe they are "right"
They believe they can change the world
Strong group and community orientation
Prefer egalitarian leadership
Tight-knit generation (they like to be with their own cohort)
Dislike selfishness; value being trusted
Inclined towards service learning and volunteerism
Rise of social networking
Inspire Engagement
Deliver consistent messaging to students throughout their student experience up until graduation-through campus partners and alumni
Connect students with chapters before they leave campus-find out where they are planning to go when they graduate; have alumni reach out and request involvement
Cultivate relationships-visit with graduating student leaders prior to graduation to discuss programs and opportunities in their new city
Achieving Active Alumni
Instill a sense of alumni commitment when they are still students
*Foster tradition
*Build a strong network

Model behavior through alumni stories of engagement and success
*Inspire to become the next trustee
*Support students through admissions, mentoring, career networking and scholarships
*Example: Alum 101
-Culinary Engineering
-Speaker Series
Effective Communications
Be relevant and fresh
Demonstrate the value
Make it easy
Consistent branding that starts as students and instills pride and loyalty
Measuring Success
Track engagement early, start with student engagements and code everything!
Engagement is more than attendance
What recent graduates say they want from the alumni association and how they actually become engaged can be very different
Young alumni engagement is critical to inform strategies for programs and communications
Why create a Student Alumni Association?
How to create a Student Alumni Association
Greek life
Attractive Brand
High Quality Programs
True leadership experience
Develop relationship with student life partners
Have members find members
Engagement, mentorship, interaction, educational and provide leadership opportunities for our students
Develop our future alumni leaders
Build a prideful base of students to help carry the tradition and reputation off campus
Add to the student experience with more impact and quality
Millennial student-Want to network, have access to anyone, always connected, excited about tradition!
Student-Alumni Societies

Born in 1980s-early 2000s
Fostering Cross-Campus Relationships
Student Philanthropy
After education of philanthropy - giving will come naturally
"Just tell me what you expect of me after graduation and I won't be so upset when you ask me for money"
Research has proven that individuals who begin giving within 5 years after graduation have a higher giving rate throughout their lifetime
Senior class gifts - senior class campaign
Show class competition (millennials like to be the best)
Show them your appreciation of their gift - recognize it
Millenials are driven by emotions, if they know you "need" them, they will help you - want to solve all world problems
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