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The crucible

No description

Anna-Linh Vu

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of The crucible

Arthur Miller -
The crucible


character map
classification into the main topics
similarities with the other texts
"beliefs and values"-vocabulary
October, 1692, trials in Salem town
Puritan settlement in 1628
20 people executed, over a hundred accused
quarreling over money, land and religion
characters existed and story took place in Salem
ended in 1693: Science developed, everyone was accused
Witch trials in general
started 1490 in Europe
lasted 150 years; 50.000 deaths
pack with devil, old, widow, single
Character map
Classification into the main topic
Similarities with other texts
"Beliefs and value"- vocabulary
Reverend Parris
minister in Salem
widow, middle forties
selfish and egocentric (worried about his reputation not his daughter)
anxious (afraid that town will revolt)
not honest although he is a Reverend
threatens and orders the girls to lie
loves him / had an affair
hates her
accuses Tituba of witchcrafts
wanted to save him
only daughter

accuses of murder

ordered pressed to death under questioning

Betty Parris
daughter of Reverend Parris
is sick after dancing in the woods with the other girls
her sickness is reason for further accusations
seeking for attention
amenable to suggestion
ten years old
Abigail Williams
niece of Reverend Parris, orphan
seventeen years old
vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar antagonist
controls the girls
villain of the play
Reverend Paris, is worried by the state in which he finds his daughter Betty
Parris observed a frightening scene: the girls were performing a disturbing ceremony in the forest
Betty seems to be under some inexplicable spell and the village doctor diagnoses witchcraft
first the girls deny but they later confess
Thomas and Ann Putnam persuade Tituba, who they think is able to establish contact with the dead. Their living daughter Ruth is afflicted by the same symptoms as Betty
John Proctor comes to see what is wrong with the girls (had an affair with Abigail)
Reverend Hale is brought in as an expert on witchcraft and Abigail accuses Tituba
Tituba confesses what is expected of her and names other women from the village
Abigail, Mary Warren and other girls start accusing other woman too the hunt is on
Abigail falsely claims to have been pricked by a needle that is stuck in a doll and Elizabeth Proctor is accused of being responsible for this
Elizabeth is taken away to be interrogated, Proctor protests in vain
In the courtroom the husbands of the three women accused of witchcraft try to defend their wives
Proctor confesses to adultery, thereby trying to undermine Abigail’s credibility
When Elizabeth is questioned about her husband’s affair, she denies it because she wants to save her husband
Hale claims that he has always mistrusted Abigail, who starts screaming and shrieking
This makes the other girls present behave in a similarly hysterical way
Abigail says she sees a yellow bird and accuses Mary Warren of bewitching her
Mary in turn claims that John Proctor has been trying to seduce her and made her sign the devil’s book
John Proctor is arrested on the spot
Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor refuse to confess to witchcraft. Even though only confession can save their lives
Reverend Hale tries to persuade them to confess
John and Elizabeth forgive each other and John agrees to confess to save his own life, but then refuses to sign the document and is hanged

Mercy Lewis and Susanna Walcott
girls dancing in the woods
threatened by Abigail
more power than before
accuses him
gives her the doll
Mary Warren
Proctor's servant
only watched them dance
easily influenced by Abigail
is afraid of her
John Proctor
speaks of his mind
protagonist in the story
farmer and respected citizen
three sons
lost self-respect and wife's love after affair, but gets it back at the end
hates hypocrites
Abigail gives him attention
Elizabeth Proctor
virtuous, steadfast and true
fires Abigail
still wants to protect her husband and tries to forgive him
Reverend Hale
expert on witchcraft
wanted to save citizens from devil
determined and confidence
realized that the trials were a huge mistake
wanted to save as many lives as possible
Ruth Putnam
is also ill after dancing in the woods
threatens by Abigail
joins the girls in accusing people
Thomas and Ann Putnam
wealthy, influential citizens
accuse people and then buy there land (greedy)
convinced children were killed by supernatural means
Whose fault is it?
Rebecca Nurse
wise, sensitive, upright, strong
Francis Nurse's wife
devoutly religious
Reverend Hale is uncertain after her accusation
black slave from Barbados
perform voodoo for Abigail
is accused by Abigail
calls out other names
Sarah Good
On the button of society (homeless)
mentally unstable
accused by Tituba
Judge Danforth
thinks he is just (guided by God)
questioned John if he would go to the church
makes the decisions
Giles Corey
wanted to protect his wife Martha
his wife was accused because of him
strong, brave
not selfish
pressed to death
The Great Gatsby
+ wants to win love back
+ no privacy
+ affair is forbidden
+ causes death
+ no real friendships
+ dream of wealth
+ prejudices
+ different cultures
+ immigration (globalization)

My son the Fanatic
+ fanaticism
+ speculations
+ bad father- son/daughter- relation
+ prejudices / immigrants
+ religion
+ discrimination/ exclusion
Billy Elliot

+ dreams
+ prejudices
+ dissatisfaction in society
Romeo and Juliet
+ forbidden love
+ hunt
+ failed plans
+ causes deaths
The Accidental Billonairs
+ difference between beliefs and values
+ no real friendships (betrayals)
+ dream
+ unlucky love
+ accuses
+ court/ lawsuit
Altruism – Nächstenliebe
character- Charakter
citizen- Bürger
community – Gemeinschaft
common good – Gemeinwohl
concern – Rücksicht
courage – Mut
empathy – Mitgefühl
ethic- Ethik
fair – gerecht
generosity – Großzügikeit
gratitude – Dankbarkeit
adultery - Ehebruch
initiative – Initiative
integrity – Richtigkeit
justice – Gerechtigkeit
kindness – Nettigkeit
moral – Moral
patience - Geduld
pride - Stolz
respect – Respekt
share - teilen
society - Gesellschaft
tolerate – tolerieren
value – werten/Wert
welfare - Sozialhilfe
McCarthy era
senator McCarthy (1950's)
against communism
had to name names
Arthur Miller was accused
Beliefs and values
religion (voodoo+Puritans)
belief and fear of devil
different classes
National Identity
different cultures
Individual and society
gender roles (no freedom in choosing job)
social classes
outsiders (Tituba + Sarah Good)
The Media
communication through letters
not as fast as it is nowadays
workers from other countries
global witch trials
traveling is possible
Science and technology
not present
many things are still handmade (doll)
no electricity
The Englishes
old English (e.g. I have known her)
Tituba speaks with an accent and false grammar
forbidden love
most of all Abigail and her vengefulness
also society and intolerance/fear
Could it be that people are hunted nowadays?
more knowledge
fears are always there
through globalization might be faster
freedom of opinion--> there will be people against that
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