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Unit 18: Database Design

An introduction to entities and attributes of a relational database

Tanya Jones

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Unit 18: Database Design

An introduction to entities and attributes of a relational database Unit 18: Database Design Assessment Criteria A relational database contains one or more related tables.

Each table holds information about an object, person or thing.

a customer table
an appointment table
a cars table
a film table Relational Databases Data Types & Field Sizes Please access:
http://padlet.com/wall/runshawcollege Plenary - To conclude... Lesson Objectives To identify entities and attributes of a relational databases

To describe field properties such as data types, field sizes and validation rules.

To demonstrate the use of field properties Starter Activity A database is a collection of data or information which is held together in an organised or logical way Database In pairs can you identify 4 examples of paper based or electronic databases? P3 - create and populate a database These are known as 'entities' Entities and Attributes Entity = Customer Customer ID
First Name
Date Of Birth
Phone Number These are known as 'attributes' An attribute describes facts, details or characteristics of an entity Can you identify 5 attributes for the entity - Car? You would think that 'telephone number' should be a data type number but it is not as it starts with a 0. These data types will be assigned to attributes To complete the "data type" worksheet. Open Microsoft Access -
Create a table - call the table Cars
Identify 5 attributes (leave the 1st attribute as ID - Auto Number)
Identify suitable data types and field sizes Task One Extension - Create a second table called customers demonstrate the use of field properties Validation aims to make sure that data is sensible, reasonable, complete and within acceptable boundaries. It helps reduce errors when entering data Validation Example: The attribute gender can be either "Male" or "Female" Task Two Identify an attribute or create a new attribute that will allow the user to enter only specific information.

Add a validation rule and a message to support this. Stretch and Challenge Validation Rule:

Validation Message: "Male" Or "Female" Please enter either Male Or Female into this field. Did you identify the correct data type? A field size is the predicted field size of the data being entered - for example - telephone number 11 characters. Field Sizes Example - Car Model You are welcome to discuss with your peer.
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