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BIO 112 Research Project

No description

Ariel Barnes

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of BIO 112 Research Project

Hypothesis and Control Variables
Hypothesis: Prey availability has an effect on what the predators choose to eat.
Control Variables: Lighting, temperature of the tank, type of prey (ghost shrimp & crickets), type of predator (crabs and lady beetles), amount of water, size of the tank, type of water, amount of prey in the tank, type of predator in the tank, what time the predators are fed
Jessica purchased a crab container with a metal grid that fit well in the bottom of the container.
Both crabs were set into the tank one at a time along with a ghost shrimp and a small cricket
We set a timeout time of 5 minutes for both crabs and waited on the feasting to begin
Testing Set Up

Photos of Tank Setup and animals
BIO 112 Research Project
Ariel Barnes, Jessica Norton, Lydia Mugridge
November 00, 2017

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