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How the perception of beauty has changed over time.

Throughout time it has been noticed how 'beauty' or what people consider 'beautiful' has changed. Let's explore how!

Pan Dragomir

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of How the perception of beauty has changed over time.

How the presentation of beauty changed throughout time. VS Make Up Marilyn Monroe's make up. Marilyn's make up focuses on the face. Her posture and angle show her chest, and her body twist shows a curve which was very attractive on women during that time. She looks like the typical American sweetheart "Girl next door'' Kate Moss' make up. The front-on view emphasizes the skinniness, and her flat chest. Her slightly open mouth make the advertisement sexier and attractive. Her red lips symbolize passion which creates a contrast with her white silky skin. “Their appearance is coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness”
-Laura Mulvey
Laura Mulvey is trying to say how appearance
symbolizes erotic impact to the viewer. Both advertisements are attractive but in different ways. “Men look at Women. Women watch themselves being looked at.”
-John Berger Perfume - Chanel The old chanel advertisement
is seen to be attracting men through elegance and tradition. Both men look at her, yet she directly addresses the camera. She knows she is being watched, thus her facial expression is gleeful and joyous. The new
advertisement is modeled
by Kiera Knightley
waring men's clothes.
This shows the power
and dominance she
has as a woman. Men are not involved in this advertisement compared to the previous one, she is however wearing their clothes, which is a sort of power status. She has a seductive stare, and biting her finger is a phallic symbol.
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