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St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies

No description

Sander Hoppenbrouwer

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies

St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies
Sint Maarten Harbour Group of Companies
What are our challenges?
ISPS code
Safety (Reduce traffic)
Missed Sales
Lack of overview - People
- Trucks
- Goods
- Storage
Right now, we do not fully meet the International regulations
Safety & Security
Not clear which people are on port premisses

Too many vehicles are driving in and out

In case of any accidents --> port is responsible
Lack of overview
Too many problems with manifest
Missed sales
Communication problems
No structure on where and how goods are stored
Whats our challenge?
ISPS Code -> International Ship and Port facility Security Code
main objectives
of the ISPS Code are:

To detect security
and implement security measures
To establish roles and responsibilities concerning
maritime security
for governments, local administrations, ship and port industries at the
national and international level
security-related information
To provide a

for security assessments so as to have in place
to react to changing security levels
''Operational excellence''
''Operational excellence''
What are we going to do?
Work together with 3PL Partner
Not only port and 3PL partner should work together:
What are the benefits?
''To keep the port safe its important that amount of traffic is reduced''
3PL Partner creates manifest (Digital)
Amount of traffic considerably reduced
Its clear who is on port premises
No more missed sales
Meet ISPS-code requirements
Create a safe environment for people from the port, the vessels and
our clients
''SMHGC closer to operational excellence''
''Interisland section''
Why are we here?
Partnership with 3PL
Changing Interisland section
''Set up KPI's* for excellent & smooth operations''
*Key Performance Indicators
''We have to think in the long-term''
Possible Kpi's
Goods have to be picked-up within 30 minutes from arrival at port by 3Pl partner
By inspection, only people from 3Pl partner are on port premises
No more than 3% faults on manifest every month

''Confidence is good, control is better''
Next step?
''Closing the deal''
Combine rules & regulations with all (necessary) departments and 3PL partner
Implement GLS system at 3PL partner
Set up Kpi's
Physical inspection Security at Cargo-side
Billing and logistics personal should be key in communication to all stakeholders
''Port can lose its license and there by lose customers and complete income''
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