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Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Robot Paintings 2nd

2nd Grade

Melissa Vanderslice

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Robot Paintings 2nd

Balanced Robots
Steps for Painting your Robot Day 4
1. Lets make our tint and shade together!

2. Let's learn about the dry brush technique.

3. Paint the highlight using a tint on either the
right or left

side of the robot's body.

5. Paint the
using your shade on opposite side of the body.
Mastery Objectives
1. Define and show:
Geometric & Organic Shapes
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance
Tints and Shades
Warm Colors

2. Show brush control and proper brush handling
when painting.

3. Personal and creative decision making and
added details.

1. Draw robot using
2. Draw your robot in an
asymmetrical pose.

3. Draw
symmetrical face and body details.
All details are
same on both sides or symmetrical
The body poses are not the same on both side or asymmetrical.
Day 1 Objectives for Drawing Your Robot:
ex. one arm up and one down
one leg bent
one hand waving
one leg kicking
Two shape families
* Used in Mathematics
* Have a specific name.
* Usually have straight sides and corner.
(except for oval,circle,heart,etc.)
* Irregular, Free form, or uneven shapes
*Usually found in nature.
* Do not have specific names

What shapes do you see on the robots?
Not the same on both sides
Same on both sides
Types of Balance in Art
Identifying-Themes in Art-
Our Theme
for the upcoming
project is.......
Many Artist Focus on particular themes when creating art.
Some artists only make landscapes
Other artists only paint portraits
Lets see if we can identify some themes in art......................
There are artist how only make historical art that shows an event from history.
Our Theme is ...........Robots
Theme= Subject or the main idea.
You can make a girl robot or a boy robot
Objective: Day 2
Mixing Values
Tints -Tones-Shades
Identifying-Themes in Art-
Identifying-Themes in Art-
Identifying-Themes in Art-
To draw a robot we need to understand the two groups of shapes
1. Think-Pair-Share=

Review with 1 partner how to make tints,tones,shades
2.Paint the robot using a blue tone.
Day 3 Objectives:
Day 5 Objectives:
Once your painting is dry draw shape details back in using a sharpie.
Use the
warm colors
, add paint to areas you'd like to
(draw attention to.)
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