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8th grade Math

Curriculum Night @ Worley 2012

L Neisler

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of 8th grade Math

Worley Curriculum Night 2012 8th grade Math Math Mathematics at the middle school
level consists of Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometry, Measurement, Probability
and Statistics, and Problem Solving. Grade Level
Expectations SSI - Student Success Initiative
TEA has re-instated the SSI component of the STAAR assessment cycle. Your student will have three chances to pass the test, and they have to pass to be promoted to high school STAAR Dates Tuesday, April 2, 2012
Tuesday, May 14, 2012
Tuesday, June 25, 2012 Perceptual Modes "SEE" examples, modeled
by teacher, seen in notes
& class, to see how a
process works Perceptual Modes "SAY" having students,
usually chorally, repeat a process (or characteristics of a term) in class (usually 3 times within the instructional time) Perceptual Modes "DO" having students use their arms
to be the 'legs' of a right triangle while their head is in the right angle box looking across to the hypotenuse; human sequences; using their arms to model types of slopes in Algebra Technology document cameras, Promethean
slates or Mobi tablets, Safari
Montage videos, Livescribe pens
"First in Math" web-based
software Hands on Learning group work; 'sticky note' strategy (kids really like) - gives immediate feedback; scavenger hunts to review topics We want nothing but success for your student - both in 8th grade
and beyond!
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